I am writing to the Daily Telegraph as a concerned parent after being told that my son cannot play club football.

Last year my son played in the Canterbury/Bankstown district for a local club and made it through to the Grand finals. This year we had returned to the same club only to be told that my son could no longer play because he represent the Manly Sea Eagles in Harold Mathews, after not being selected for the Canterbury Harold Mathews Squad.

As you can imagine my son was devastated!

So I told him not to worry, will go play in the parramatta comp instead. Upon registering my son on the NRL app we where told he needed clearance first from Canterbury before he could register in a certain team in the parramatta comp. We waited 8 days and no reply from Canterbury. So I decided to ring around to gather contact numbers of any officials or Canterbury Management.

Finally after many days of calling around with a lot of knock backs, I was lucky enough to have found the instagater otherwise known as Mr Barry Hall the gentleman from Canterbury Club who would not give clearance to my son to play football for a local club only because he was chosen to play for The Manly Sea Eagles, but also that my son would not be able to play in the Parramatta district because the two districts have now formed an agreement that if any child is to play representative football outside there local area then they will have to go look for club within that zone. So basically because my son played representative football for manly, he would have to play in a local club in the manly district instead.

As a parent I am so disgusted and appalled that these clubs can actually get away playing politics with our children.

I am sure this is against the law, stop kids from playing sports to give them every chance in life to succeed and develop there goals, and especially for there own local club. I am also sure that there are many parents in the same situation but are afraid to speak out!

Something needs to be done!!

I kindly ask Daily Telegraph to help our children from this Monstrosity!

Regards, Jake.

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

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