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NO NO NO! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Stay far away from this place! There's a reason they are not part of the BBB! They do not run an ethical place of business and they discriminate! All of these reviews are mandatory to receive $497 back as part of the 6 week completion. It's a scare tactic so everyone, of course, writes a so-called "good" review in fear that they will not receive their money back! 90% of the "campers" are on an emergency diet their final week which consists of tilapia and asparagus for breakfast, lunch dinner and snack. Also zero water the final two days. Who wouldn't lose weight starving yourself! But that's just it, you don't really lose weight in the process...your gaining muscle. A sure promise that you will NOT meet your goal and lose 20lb to get your money back. At the end of course you're going to lose the most weight (most lose anywhere from 5-15 lbs this final week). Also, with the mandatory 5 times a week workout with heavy weights (as encouraged by the trainers), you are almost certain to gain muscle...not lose weight! Also you are pressured into buying their supplements and protein powder for a mere $220. Also a recipe for gaining weight. Working out 5 days a week does not allow your muscles enough time to recover. The business structure is a sham. Perhaps good if you're looking at body building. At the end, the ultimate goal is to get you to join the gym for $127/month. Yep! This place can not even be considered a gym. There is not a pool, spa, tennis courts, equipment or personal trainers, changing area, showers, etc... Wow! Spectrum Club prices, but not even comparable. It's more or less set up as a garage with a few weights around. It's a circuit training for 45 min, lifting tires and other unconventional techniques. Nothing like real boot camp, I know, I was in the military. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I didn't find the trainers motivating. There were two decent guy trainers, I found the rest some what annoying, not really knowledgeable or motivating.

I came it at 19.6 lbs. There were others that came in just short and given a chance to sweat it out. I was in the room and witnessed it! One lady just as I, at point 4 ounces, and another in at .8 over and was allowed to leave go to the gym and come back and the other on the bike. When I left the house I had my running shoes and my husband asked why and I said just in case I come in short I can sweat it out. I thought it was a no brainer as that is what I saw. Knew I would come in close, but thought close under...not over. Either way I just thought that I would be given the same opportunity as the others. I asked the owner If I could jump on the treadmill she said no! (incidentally, they finally have two treadmills- other than that they have 3 old bikes). Anyway, she hemmed and hawed and would consider it if I had agreed to join the gym. Wow... No Thanks I had no intention of joining! Oh by the way, the owner is a member of 24 Hr Fitness!

ONLY WORK OUT TIMES: 5AM, 6AM, 9AM and 5,6 and 7 PM.

There is Zero consistency! I've heard multiple stories from others, but of course after the fact. By the way, had I known she was going to not give me the opportunity, like the others, I would have told her I would be a few hours late and go to LA Fitness, where I belong, and sweat out the .4 in the sauna. Duh! Just expected that I would be able to do as the others were!

So as per the commitment to get my money back I would have left a "good" review and once I got my money back, I was going to write the real true genuine version. Again the pressure to write a "good" review for the others waiting for their money. Geesh....great marketing there...not! Very dishonest

Words from the owner herself "90% of weight loss is from the diet". Adding the weights and workouts 5 days a week, consistently sore muscles, with no down time is just not that healthy if your over 35, in my opinion. For all of you curious of the meal plan, don't waste your money! Here it is:

Breakfast: Egg whites (about 4), Spinach (unlimited) and 1/3 cup dry oatmeal (plain). May add a little cinnamon and protein to oatmeal. Plus "camp" supplements

Snack: " Camp" protein powder + supplements

Lunch: 4-6 oz of White Fish, Chicken Breast or 99% lean turkey, broccoli, spinach or asparagus (unlimited), 2-3 oz of brown rice or quinoa + "camp" supplements

Snack: Same as above

Dinner: Same as lunch

Snack: 6oz of fat free cottage cheese or yogurt

*No sauces, may use spices or little of mustard and salsa. Eat every 21/2 to 3 hours. Drink a gallon of water a day!

That's it folks! SAVE YOUR MONEY! Do your work outs on your own, but STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!

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62 of 62 The Camp Transformation Center reviews

13 hours ago #1295176 Dallas, Texas, United States

So far my experience has been exceptional. Requiring people to eat healthy portions is not starving them. There are several "FTDI" recipes online if you wish to add more variety to your meal plan. As for the no water for the last two days, this is completely false in my experience. We are asked to drink a gallon a day, every day. The trainers I've been working with are very experienced, and keep an eye out for good form. They encourage proper technique over high weight, and are great at keeping people accountable.
At no moment was I pressured to purchase their supplements, and even one trainer suggested some alternative ideas since I couldn't afford their supplements.
Anyone can eat healthy and workout on our own, but some people like myself, need to extra encouragement and accountability. Also, the $497 can be rolled over into additional challenges for up to 14 months. So you essentially get a year plus of membership for FREE, as long as you meet your goals at the end.

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16 hours ago #1295068

Report to yelp. They are not allowed offer ANYTHING for a positive review.

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Feb 22 #1292043 Chula Vista, California, United States

Sorry but that diet is wrong you are not allow to use any type of dary!
No cheese of any type or milk you are allowed

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Feb 21 #1291571 Newton Falls, Ohio, United States

I have posted from Ohio on 01/10/17 and 01/30/17. I would like to follow up. I am down 34.3 in 6 weeks by staying on track 100% to this program. The person who wrote this review did not and I can tell by the meal plan shared. One item is a complete big NO.
I am one challenge closer to get my money back. Even if I don't, these 6 weeks have been worth every penny. My health is worth more than 500 bucks.

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Feb 19 #1290605 Carmichael, California, United States

I just finished the challenge, and it was awesome! Best thing I've ever done! Yes I worked out five days a week, but my body embraced it and I loved it! No I didn't get my money back (I wasn't expecting to), but I'm doing a 2nd round for free! We still drink water the last two days! This review is crazy. No one pushed me to do anything as far as supplements or how heavy to lift, or how often to come. You have to work out 30 times in 42 days! The protein powder is *** amazing, chocolate and peanut butter?! I lost 24lbs. And I did it by working hard, eating clean, and cutting the alcohol out completely. No crash diet, nothing crazy.

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Feb 20 #1291009

JM...what was the reason you did not get your money back if you lost 24lbs?

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6 hours ago #1295468

You have to reach your BMI to get your money back.

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Feb 15 #1288607 Phoenix, Arizona, United States

I regret that I let myself fall deeper into debt under the idea that a "transformation camp" was legit. The workouts are great, but the /supplement pushing/ is horrible, the crash diet is insanely unhealthy, and the trainers are really nice people, but they only know one type of modification and push everyone to the same standards outside of that. Good thing diabetes only ran in my family and not in me, or the diet would have killed me instead of making me seriously ill. On top of that, my cardiovascular system sucks and I need high impact low intensity and almost all of it was high intensity, leaving me half dead.
More importantly, what they don't tell you if you don't read the contract, is that 20 lbs isn't what you need to lose to get your deposit. YOU NEED TO MEET YOUR HEALTHY BMI which was about 40 lbs for me. Roping you in longer. Of course if you're not a sheep and you read the contract like I should have - you probably didn't start the program, canceled, and they kept 150 from you for cancelation. Real nice. I'll be utilizing all my abilities in the social media world, to advise everyone of the truth behind the camp. Since you've already gotten my money... I have nothing to lose.

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Feb 10 #1284492 Pompano Beach, Florida, United States

Thank you for the honesty. I was thinking about joining but definitely NOT now. Sure seems like a scam to me and they seem very pushy about telling u that u have to write a good review or u dont get ur money back. WOW

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Feb 08 #1283462

Im non Bias. But why would the camp use money to hold people accountable for their health?
And why is everyone on the program required to have a facebook account to check in and write reviews?
Why are they pushing 3rd party products that Dont even belong to the Camp?
And have u seen the ingredients to these products Yuckkk. they arent even NSF certified! :/
Umm. Idk. But if u want to loose weight maybe you are better off hiring a private coach. specially for this price.

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Jan 30 #1278473 Newton Falls, Ohio, United States

I wrote a comment a few spaces below. The one with the Vegas metaphor at the beginning. I wanted to follow up with you all. 3 weeks in and I am down 17.7 pounds. How? Because I have followed every direction and instruction The Camp has given to me. HALF WAY THROUGH AND I AM DOWN 17.7 pounds. It's unbelievable. The meal plan provided above IS NOT correct which could be what hurt this person lose the extra .4 pounds. My friend is struggling with the meal plan and it shows in their results. They are down 6.8 pounds. DON'T KNOCK IT UNTIL YOU TRY IT. This program IS NOT for everyone. If you are struggling with being overweight and/or have food addiction and/or you are not able to get motivated, this program may be the right fit for you!!!

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Feb 21 #1291568 Newton Falls, Ohio, United States

Follow up. I am down 34.3 in 6 weeks by staying on track 100% to this program. I am one challenge closer to get my money back. Even if I don't, these 6 weeks have been worth every penny. My health is worth more than 500 bucks.

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Feb 21 #1291907

I am about to attend orientation and I am happy to have men bribe me, I need it! I signed up for this and can't wait to get started

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Jan 25 #1276294 Arcadia, California, United States

Wait. You bet %400 that you'd lose 20 pounds in six weeks, and you lost 19.6. Where's the scam in that?
You STILL lost 19.6 pounds, you ungracious ***.

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Jan 25 #1276074 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thanks! I was going to go to an Orientation tonight! Not anymore!!!

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Jan 30 #1278464 Newton Falls, Ohio, United States

I wouldn't knock until you try it. If you are struggle with weight lost and need encouragement or motivation, it's worth every penny. This is my first challenge and at just 3 weeks in I have followed ALL directions. I am down 17.7 pounds and only half way through. The meal plan shared is not correct which could have hurt this challenger.

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Jan 30 #1278462 Newton Falls, Ohio, United States

The menu shared was not fully correct which could probably be the reason they didn't lose the full 20. This is one item that is a complete NO.

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