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Hi everyone:

Just a note of caution,

Do Not Let this School, trick you in to thinking that they are an Institutional College or University, Just because they have the word Institute in there name; they are not! They are registered as a For Profit Trade School Corp. like ITT tech and all the other TV-Internet Mass Advertiser Predators.

They operate out of a very conservative 2.6 Billion Dollar Mega Money Machine Corporation, located in Pittsburg Pennsylvanian Called –for short Education Management Corporation E.D.M.C. Education Management Holdings LLC along with a Thrilling list of Privet Investors and Super Billionaires across the USA and abroad including, Providence Equity Partners and Goldman and Sacks.


Be sure to bring your paperwork to an attorney before signing any kind agreements in relation to your finances or enrollment with the Art Institute.

They will mislead you into using there lenders, when you have the right to seek your own personnel financing that can lead to necessary funding amounts for your educational plan.

I had a credit score of almost 700, and now due to the lack of professional services at the Art Institute, I cannot even buy a bike.

They destroyed my credit, ruined my College career and my job resume. I have been fighting this School for almost 2 years, and will eventually have to sue them to get my life, and education back in order.

Be very careful when dealing with this school, check everything, and keep all copies of your paperwork NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anybody else have any problems PLEASE CONTACT ME, you maybe entitled to justice, or compensation.

Due your Home Work THEY HAVE BEEN SUED MANY TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Case has gone to the Fed's and I hope our Government Stops these, Student Loan Farming Predators from operating in the USA

If you have any questions or would like to hear more you may contact me.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #666022
Hello everyone i have read alot of everybodys storys and it feels allitle better to know that i am not the only one i went to the art institute when i was 16 being 16 they required my mothers signature the finacial aid was horrible they didnt explain anything ESPECIALLY THE PART WHERE IF YOU DONT QUALIFY FOR ANY STUDENT LOANS THEY WILL KICK YOU OUT AND SEND YOU THE BILL FOR THE WHOLE SEMESTER ! i got a pell grant of $500 which is great but they charged me 5,000 for a whole week i was there iv been fighting this school for 6 years now and im tired of them harrassing me and taking me to court so i am reaching out to the public to help me if you are in debt with the art institute in a similar situation email me so i can make a petition and try to sue them
I'm sorry, but all of this information is false. I'm not sure who mislead you, but you need to get the facts straight.
Tomorrow my daughter and I are going to Ai on Chicago. I received a bill from them for almost 10,000 with no explaination. She began July 11, 2011. At the the end of Christmas vacation she received notice she must reapply for a loan. She hadn't even put a year in yet but we were being charged for the full 9 months.
They included the spring quarter thought they didn't even know we existed at that time. What's more is that they want to charge for Jan, Feb, and March housing. They said it's in the contract. charge for Apr, May, June for housing yet I am being charged with educational costs. School year ends in mid Dec. at which point I require another loan approval to continue, yet I am being charged with housing costs for Jan, Feb, and March. I am no MIT graduate but even I know there is now equasion which can make sense of that. Oh, did I mention that housing costs were also supposed to be covered by the loan???
I asked my daughter if she still has contacts from past roomates. She does not and told me they have all gone. She was there for 2 quarters (that's 6 months) and she has gone through several roomates already. This school is SHADY!!!!!!

There should be guidelines and laws regulation this, and I have yet to find someone who can help.

All I can suggest to those not hiring a lawyer is call your representatives. I mean every day!! Write to the govt, EVERYDAY!!! The more complaints aimed
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Law Office
I am an attorney and have been in conversation with other attorney’s and some former students of AI. We are in the very initial stages of considering how best to put a lawsuit together against AI due to their unethical practices.

If you think you might be a person who should be a party to any potential suit please email me with the following information:

Years attended AI:
Campus (City) Attended:
Age Started:
Amount in loans:
Did you complete your degree:

And feel free to provide us with any other information you feel might be relevant. (ie – information pertaining to your experience dealing with the financial aid officers, documents you have in your possession, etc.)

Please send the information to:

Thank you!
How does one even begin to file a lawsuit against them? What sort of attorneys handle things like this?
I went to AIW of washington DC and it RUINED my life, i wasnt even there a year and im init 40k. and housing, like really 4 girls to a 2 bedroom apt, and having noe room for anything. and the school, no help with tutors or anything teachers not showing up, and get meet with ur advisors or to ask ne questions there were COMPLETE ASSWHOLES. no joke. i was fed up and left, and now i am stuck paying out the *** jus to get my TRANSCRIPTS (which they are holding against me till i pay off so much) so i cant even think about starting another skool until i work my *** off to pay to get them. *** ai.
I recently graduated from AIPX (phoenix) with a AAS Graphic Design. Now that loans are coming due, my husband and I are finding that the balances that the loans are showing (principal, not including interest) are totaling about 6k+ more than what accounting shows was charged for my tuition. Add to that, the end billing for all tuition fees is is coming up about 4k more than what they quote upon admission. Seeing as I entered the school with at least 1 or 2 classes of transfer credit and also tested out of another class, the math just isn't adding up.

Granted they nail you at classes start for a 1.5k "kit" but my degree, unlike some of the others ie. photography or some of the food service degrees, doesn't not have the insane "lab" fees associated with it. So, even that doesn't make sense. NOTHING matches up at this point and it nerve wracking!! I've attended other colleges in the past, business degree programs *snore*, and never run into anything like this before. Even my husband, with 2 degrees from ITT Tech never had a problem.

I'm not here to rant, I fully knew that the cost of education was high. But for what I wanted to learn, I felt it was my best option. The problem *I* have, is that at this point, it very much looks like something shady is going on with the accounting. I'm here looking to see if anyone else has had a similar problem? We're still in the "research" stage and trying to gather as much information as possible - so if you
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i go to ai and i am so much money that i have to drop out that i wont even finish school

Some of the worlds BEST artists have dysgraphia, which impairs their ability to spell and compose literature, but that very missing link is what powers the supra-natural art talents.

So it appears they were actually in the right school. If you excel at creative writing, maybe you were in the wrong school? They don't teach that here.
It's not just The Art Institutes!
Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California (Private) is much worse, with higher costs that put students in debt for $200,000+ after graduating. And of course there's no guarantee that you'll land a job that relates with anything you went to school for. I know, because unfortunately I went there and have since defaulted.
Stop ripping on The Art Institutes - they are way less expensive, and they have several student success stories. Just like any other money sucking college.
You can't tell me that 'non-profit' colleges are any better than 'for profit' colleges, all of them put people in tremendous student loan debt upon graduating. It's the American way!

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