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I was chilling at charles plaza I'm now currently here my people's use to live here and I then support charles plaza food court and here they is thinking they have a right and authority to brake my peace that I love finding thinking they can remove me I be in my own lane tryna be my own Independent man and follow the commands of allah subhana wa ta ala and again this is a serious matter because they violating my beliefs and everything allah love and wants and I don't hide it ain't like they dk iam a muslim islam is a complete way of life that separates from religions so therefore they have no right accessing tryna stalk dictate and monitor my life and they using my name and accounts to do a lot of illegal stuff that has nothing to do with islam nor should we even associates partners with allah that's shirk meaning u can't be a muslim and serve and believe in something different as well it's either u muslim or u are apart of something else and I chose and love islam and showed it and here they is just steady tryna block and stop my rewards I'm losing money due to this nobody wants the police in there business so they keep there distance but my support don't be there because of them and wat I builded it's very deep this is not a game down to the jail systems they have no right keep tryna railroad me in there system as well And my records can be pulled that's another argument it's no legal consent warrant nothing so it's most definitely arguments the judge wouldn't be able over turn and ik my beliefs and wat I follow knows more then one third of my Quran and as far as my queen I don't discriminate I got my own guidance I can lead my own life and queen Nd showed that and they steady won't get enough islam is not man made nor government controlled so I don't have to follow nothing or nobody else that's no islamic I might not be perfect but at the end of the day I strive to be better everyday and use my thinking identity thief I then been thru and they tryna do it again and I call social security they don't do much even down to me filing a appeal I calls them they illegally allowed a therapist to discharge me from getting my medication with my doctor when I have a personal doctor I'm comfortable with name of that place is king health 3502 Rogers Ave 21215 I got a right to stand and protect my rights and have privacy that's consistently invaded very serious points iam now Rey submit more videos and why are they using state trooper they supposed to be I'm charge of highways not in the enteract with people in society and does not follow that stuff nor believe in it I believe in allah and I have a video of brain earl Carter that illegally had my picture in his security office at Radisson hotel when it once was Radisson still got his job and they doing wat they can to try protect him and his rights when everything he done was very illegal he does not have a legal consent or warrant or anything really on me to do wat he did spoke up in court they acted blind to it knowing he was wrong he knows it that's why he ain't show up when I went to court July 11th he was on call and they thought they could still offer and stat and stay away order defamation of character tryna deframe my character as well and he was actually tryna get people look at me different at that hotel using my picture to show people which u can't do without a legal consent and probable cause u gotta back up wat u did and they looked pass that tryna defend him and tryna offer me something that can hold and slow me up and help them they keep track of my life illegally I'ma submit the video of him as well ain't even wanna look at me know he wrong the video to big but I have it unfortunately I don't understand why y'all dnt take decent videos they gotta be very short it's there doe and that dnt make it no easier by me having to do short videos y'all need to at least make it 2 min long videos cause I have the video to submit who I am speaking on as well but it's to large to download one minute and 39 seconds long of me speaking the truth hope y'all allow me submit the video I like backing myself up I have enough to take it to court and win most of my recent cases was simple trespassing that's proof that they targeting me for any and everything they try give me a new SID # number as well but I went to the doctor and told them my old SID number when I was once false imprisonment seems like they be running in cover as well I ain't see the usual people who target me they got a female on post today I can rarely use my phone or tablet I had to buy a new device which is wat iam on now they charge when they and dies very quick messing with any property of mines is illegal as well as my honor and blood it does not belong to the police and I wanna note I got my own guidance patient and control I'm just easily triggered due to my injuries and it's nothing I can do about that again I been stabbed and shot that left lifetime affects and it's plenty people on disability who ain't even as disabled as me I'm not even a peoples person selective few I deal with working at me and ik it's not going work for me and I can't force nothing that ain't there I get mad enough my vision get blurry and I can't read or write facts

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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