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Beware of this seller. She goes by different names, Joni Preston, Joan Cox, and Joan Preston.

This breeder is very nice and helpful when she is selling you a kitten. I bought my first Ragdoll from her. When I was contemplating purchasing my second kitten from her she was still very helpful and friendly (I actually thought we had become friends.) I originally decided I wanted another female, but she did not have the coloring I wanted. She did however have the coloring I wanted in a male.

She convinced me to get him, so I paid for him full of $1,8000. When I went back to wanting a female she persuaded me to get a different type of colored female. I was wrestling with all of this, and then asked her to keep my deposit which is usually $200 and return the rest for a future kitten. She refused to refund any amount, said no refunds of any kind whatsoever, and to make a long story short, she became VERY HOSTILE AND RUDE once I contacted Paypal for a refund of a kitten I never received.

She insulted me, called me a liar, has gone back on her word, and now refuses to give me my first ragdoll's registration papers despite my many attempts to reconcile. This woman is all about the money and spiteful. On top of that, I've realized that her King Bo Duke is not a purebred Ragdoll. TXRagdollKitten Bo Duke Color &;;;;;;;;; Pattern: Lilac BicolorDate Of Birth: October 26th, 2017

TICA Registration: ***CON*** 1026** **S2 ***N*** - (Non-Permissible) - Crosses outside the breed or breed group which are not among those which are specifically allowed by the breeding program which has been established for the breed. S - (Species) - Outcrosses to species other than Felis catus/Felis domesticus. Such crosses may be used in foundation breeding programs but are considered non-permissible. 36.8.3. Ancestry Record Codes: 01 - The cat has at least one unknown or unregistered parent. 02 - The cat has at least one unknown or unregistered grandparent. 03 - The cat has at least one unknown or unregistered great grandparent. ***CO*** - The cat has at least one great grandparent of a different breed. A cat with a Non-Domestic Source Species parent, grandparent or great grandparent is a hybrid cross* and is considered a domestic cat. It will be considered a P Foundation *Breed Name* if the cross is permissible within the breeding program.

It will be considered an ***N*** Foundation *Breed Name* if the cross is not permissible within the breeding program. A P Foundation bred to an N Foundation will result in an N designation. For a P designation, there can be no N designations in a three- generation pedigree. TICA Registration Rules, Page 29 Version E - 09/04/20 Any cat with a parent, grandparent or great grandparent that is a nonpermissible domestic outcross (i.e.

a cat of any breed not specifically listed as a permissible outcross breed in the approved breeding program) will have the term N Foundation *Breed Name* in its description if the non-permissible outcross is within the three generation pedigree.

37.6.5 Requirements for Showing Category V cats in Championship Advancement Classes. A cat with a Non-Domestic Source Species parent or grandparent may not be shown in any class.

Location: Georgetown, Texas

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Abbigael Vdq

We send out registration papers once your kitten is neutered. They are sold as pets.

This person is using a fake name but the kitten was not purchased as a breeder. And she smeared us on the internet for years. She lied through the entire purchase process then tried to blackmail us into selling breeding rights to her.

Tiffanny {{Redacted}}. Get a life.

Amilya Svs

When purchasing a pet, the buyer is required to send in proof of neuter. This buyer planned to breed her cat and did not purchase breeding rights: which includes a contract and additional fees.

The registration papers were not sent because she did not neuter her cat. That is all. We send out registration papers once the kittens are neutered.

Our website explicitly explains this and she knew she was pulling a quicky but wanted to breed without paying the additional fees. Not an honest person.

reply icon Replying to comment of Amilya Svs

What is this persons name that is trying to become a back yard breeder and where are they located?

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