I've been getting black balled harassed. Got some this in my person that can prove my case.

I need to see how to proceed. I'm a good person that had a good mind tell all of this happen. So I need peace of mind and my family's safety might be involved don't know why I've since high school this been happening to me I've just been keeping my head up and pushing forward now its getting lower lower as the weeks go by I know I should have done this sooner I've asked family members for answers but they was talking to me but then just stopped.

So I was looking for stuff and now ive been lied to from very kind of service u can think of me joining from jobs, email, to IRS lol so I'm please here me out I'm just one person that always trusted in the laws and has works for the state, mental homes, to elderly property housing. But always had my family and my home town to come back to.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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