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Part of buying process of buying a home we went to get quotes from a foundation repair for a 100 yr old home.

We already had other quotes and measurements on helical piers from other companies & every contractor basically said, yeah, normal old home stuff.

In comes TerraFirma and their sales guy who uses the term 5 alarm file to the minor bowing and saying how the age of the home necessitates their most expensive proprietary system, Everbrace at a cost of 75k and basically spent most of the time trying to talk us out of the home entirely. When asked for specifics or explanations for what he was saying in writing, he quickly changed his tune.

To give an idea, other quotes were 20k for a standard helical pier that is common in our city for hones of the same vintage.

Compared to the other company that spent most of the time measuring the levelness around the house and such.

He commented multiple times that he was a flipper and was very very hard on talking us out in a way that didn't reflect any other commentary from any professional from structural engineer to other foundation folks to electrician, several of whom made multiple comparisons of other homes in the area they serviced etc.

Super skeevy.

Not even going into how he wouldn't look me (40, F) in the eye.

Needless to say, came across as pushy, unprofessional and trying to put one over on us. Either he didn't want our business at all or he thought he had a chance to fleece someone.

User's recommendation: These people want to sell you their proprietary systems.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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