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We are writing this review to make people aware to not be misled. We learned that some things are NOT what they appear to be.

Do your homework on this property and the sales events.

We are giving them 2 stars for the kindness of the sales woman we drove with. She was understanding and fun to drive around with.

In summary, my wife and I drove all the way from Georgia 7 hours in our RV excited to possibly purchase a lot at the Woodlands at Buffalo River. Our sales woman was in contact with us and knew our wish list. We requested to look at lots with flowing streams like the video suggests.

Our sales woman called us the night before and said she was excited to show us lots with "water features" the next day. When we showed up at the church to meet her there was a line of cars waiting to drive there. Then oddly we were given another realtor who was very kind, but she did not even know what we were looking for in a lot. We had to re-explain on the drive to the woodlands as we followed other cars.

As soon as we got out of the car to look at a lot we heard other sales people on her walkie talkie stating that multiple lots were being sold. Some of the ones we wanted to see were gone in 2 minutes. We never had a chance to look at many others than the ones we weren't interested in. It was truly a disappointment.

Then as we looked at other lots that were available we noticed that the prices were not as they were listed.

Many were higher than advertised. Our main wish was to look at lots with a stream on them or small creeks like the website video showed.

When we asked the realtor which lots had streams she handed us a list of the lots. It turned out that any lots that had streams on them were "seasonal streams" I asked what that meant... She stated that they aren't flowing all year.

That was a huge disappointment. So then we decided to look at the lots with "seasonal streams." Every single lot that supposedly had a stream on it really did NOT. We had to try to navigate all the way to the bottom of steep ridges and thick brush and forest to locate any hint of water on the acreage and that was next to impossible. The areas where the water showed on the topography APP were basically below super steep ridges.

In summary, just for buyers knowledge...there are No flowing streams like the video showed.

Also, we drove up to the Woodlands the day before the sale to look at the lots and get a feel for the area. We found one lot in particular that had a nice view on it and we put it on our list to consider. When we drove up there on the day of the sale there was surprisingly a SOLD sign on it before the sale even had started!? I asked how it was already sold and the new saleswoman said that the realtor who was originally working with us bought it yesterday!

We learned that these sales are not the final sales either.

We thought that the sale we attended and made time for was the Final Phase as stated on the website video.

It wasn't because there's another one day event a month later.

If the lots were what they were advertised to be it would seem like another chance to purchase one if we were still interested. However, we learned and drove away feeling at peace with our decision to not buy any of these lots due to the misleading sales process and inacccurate information we were given.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Most of the people who tour potential buyers are neither Realtors nor licensed real estate agents.

Baudelio Lil
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I would also request dates for completion of roads and utilities. They said SOME lots would have the poles at the road and SOME lots would have wells.

This is a loop hole for any contract.

You need to be more specific. If they cant provide it its a red flag.


Thanks for the detailed review. I keep getting texts from them and was wondering what the actual deal was. On Google reviews they must pay people to write long detailed GOOD reviews as some of those seem fishy.


Thank you for posting


Thank you!!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2335517

Yes, the sales approach is disheartening and feels shady from the beginning...


Oh...I just had a conversation with a realtor from TN Lands & Lakes, I hope not to get scammed. I was asking for showing me the actual land site, but the Realtor would show me the land which is already sold, first they sent me the "lucrative" pictures with streams and views and when I asked for the location of the land he said the land is still under survey, if the land is still under survey not available where are those pictures from ?

It seems too good to be true....if you have a small house to sell, you prepare months in advance and they are saying we will get to know about it a night before...it seems like clandestine operation. They mentioned all titles are clear, The utilities are brought to the road, they have built the road there. There is no Zoning restriction I can build whatever I want to. I need to get pre-approved The realtor encouraged that other buyer put heavy down payment once the sell is locked.

The title application and transfer - they will take care, do have to be there in person. They would not show the exact location on the map. How to make sure that i have specific list of questions answered and if any of them are not answered it's red flag, can anyone help me with that?

If TN lands and lakes are scam artists, do we have any other company I should reach out to who does legit business? need a guiding light !!!

Fanny Mum

The same thing happened to us; however, we ended up purchasing another lot because they sold the lot we were told we had purchased for more money to a REALTOR who was also buying in our "group" that was led to lots in a caravan of cars. We ended up paying the same price for less land in a phase they were going to sell after they completed that phase of sales.

We have had nothing but heartache and issues with the developer, their broken promises and lies and annual fees for road maintenance that hasn't been completed and a security gate that is still not working. I am happy for you that you did not purchase from these people. Beware, they go by several different names: Tennessee Land & Lakes, Water's Edge, Richland Harbor, The Woodlands and more! After they sell and leave you with all of the issues, they disperse the LLC and open another one under TN Land & Lakes.

These people are scam artists and liars.

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!! We are currently working on a class-action lawsuit.

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Wow. So sorry you were taken advantage of And ended up buying something.

We became suspicious when we were lied to about streams and they weren’t really “full time flowing” streams.

When we arrived we were told that water was “seasonal creeks” On the phone we were told that we were going to be able to see “multiple water features” I’ve never seen a real estate agent buy a property that they were supposed to show their client the following day and then skip out on us when we arrived for another agent to tell us that it was sold already by the girl who was Supposed to be our realtor. I pray that you all will be reimbursed or find a resolution to this mess

reply icon Replying to comment of Fanny Mum

thank you

Bil M

I believe we have done business with the same entity under a different corporate name. We'd be very interested in corresponding with you directly.

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