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not only did my husband sleep eith horrible upper back pain but we returned the first tempur pedic to another tempur pedic supreme that cost us another 1200.00 dollars more and still my husband after the first month started again to feel a little upper back pain we thought it was that he was ajusting to his body like the salesmen said, to give it time so that he could adjust but the pain got worse and he were he ended up sleeping in the couch. when we called the company tempur pedic they could not do anything to help us they said they could not do anything about comfort, if my husband was not comfortable with the mattress there was nothing they could do about that.

what they dont understand is that it had nothing to do with comfort it WAS PAIN, UPPER BACK PAIN that is not comfort.

Please beleive me when I say dont go through this nightmare. I have thrown out a $3000.00 dollar mattress because I would not give away a mattress that will cause pain and suffering for someone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #658173

Marlene, I do apologize if this sounds condescending but your "comfort" which does include non-comfort shouldn't be included in the warranty. If ANY manufacturer did that all the time there wouldn't be a business.

I ask you and most of the people on here... did you do any of YOUR OWN research prior to purchase? One thing that ALL memory foam beds share is "that is it NOT meant for everyone". It's too hard, it's too hot, it smells at first...

yeah I get it. you want to know why???

Because I researched my purchase and those are key traits that YOU need to do YOUR OWN research on so you know what to order and what to expect. I do hope those of you on here find better luck for yourself in the future.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #576532

sometimes it's not always someone else's fault. Eat healthy and exercise.


My husband and I bhogut one 4 year ago and it was one of the best investments we've made! It is heaven to sleep on, and you are spoiled quickly and can't stand any other mattress.

What nobody tells you when they sell it is the matress is very stiff when you get it. You break it down by jumping on it for the first 5 days or so and it breakst down to perfection. We've never had to do another thing to it. It never needs to be flipped, etc.

Ours came with a cover that is removable and washable. The comfort is the closest thing I have laid on to compare "sleeping on a a cloud." It supports every limb in your body, with absolutely no pressure. I have a very bad back and neck. This is the only surface I can lay flat on my back with leg straight down.

Of course if you are married, the stirrings of your partner will never be felt as it does not transfer movement. I believe most all Marriott Hotel have the mattress'. You could stay overnight at one and test it yourself. I don't see how anyone can say it's not the most comfortable bed available.

I would not trade ours for anything! You'll sleep like a baby and wake feeling ten year younger.

I hope you giveit a try! Best wishes!!!

Once again Tempurpedic shafts the consumer. Buy a good mattress and put a memory foam pad on top .

Save 2/3 the cost o a *** Tempurpedic and be happy. :p :p :p
to ALQ Denver, Colorado, United States #658175

do you even have any useful information to post here??? Go away until you do! People read these for a reason and your just wasting people's time.

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