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Not sure if they'll let this stay up but i had to share anywhere i can that Tempur-Pedic, while a great product, has horrible customer service and a totally worthless warranty. We purchased a bed locally that was discontinued.

Pillow-Top, firm, closest match is the Allura. Ours had significant sagging and they agreed to warranty, as long as we chose from the Rhapsody or lower. None of those mattresses had the firmness or the pillowtop like ours did. The upgrade, the difference in their list prices between the ALlura and Rhapsody, i think it was $500 for the King.

They charged me the difference in what I paid for mine 5 years ago and the current LIST price you would pay at the store, almost $3,000 difference. Fair is fair but when you buy a whole new bedroom suit on sale 5 years ago and then are expected to pay full retail price to get the same item 5 years later, somethings wrong. And their warranty "manager", wow, totally rude and told me there was nobody else to even talk to, refused to even let me try and talk to someone higher. ALthough it is a great product and has helped me sleep, it will be the last time we honor Tempur-Pedic with our financil support.

They made out all the way around, sold the first bed to the retailer and then charged the full retail price on the second one making the profit the retailer would have made. SUmmary, great bed as long as you don't have to deal with their warranty department.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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