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We purchased a tempurpedic bed the contour signature from a local furntiture store. The bed felt good when we layed on it in the store. We purchased it a few days later over the phone. Therefore, we were not informed about the 30 day sleep period where you have to sleep on it for 30 days. Initially, lots of aches and pains and sinking into the bed. Difficult to roll out of the hole that your body makes in the foam. Like rolling uphill in your sleep. Each time you move, you have to wait until your body makes a "new hole" to sleep in. Super uncomfortable.

Two weeks into our sleep trial, we began experiencing stiff sore necks. Salesman says we need new pillows when we just spent $3000 on the bed! After over 30 days, we still have sore necks and are having a difficult time finding a bed to exchange it for.

Super hot!! By the middle of the night, I have to be uncovered which makes whatever is not touching the bed too cold. The hot and cold effect gives me the chills so then I just suffer through the hot. Salesman now says we can buy a cooling mattress pad. Who knows if those work. Bottom line: Tempurpedic does not honor their refund policy if you buy it from a local store so check their policies well. They seem to be dishonest and misleading at best.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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If you purchased from a retail store, then you have to go back to the retailer for refund and you must abide by the store's policies. Tempur-Pedic took my mattress back with no hassels at more than 60 days from when I purchased it.

If you purchase furniture from Macy's, you don't make the manufacturer take it make Macy's take it back.

It has nothing to do with the manufacturer. Simple.

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so what im hearing here is u picked the wrong mattress. there are 14 different models to choose from they do not sleep hot they do not get any hotter than your body temperature.

there are many different cooling mattress protectors out there and they do work. tempur pedic does honor ALL refunds but they do have a $295 restocking fee you didnt pick the right mattress cant blame tempur pedic for that!!!

i sleep on a tempur pedic and i love it doesnt sleep hot cause i only sleep w a sheet even in the dead of winter. they get room temperature only remember that

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