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Replaced Foster and Stearns pillowtop matress with Tempurpedic Cloud. Pain started from night one and now for 2 months.

Both wife and I have woken up with completely numb arms for first time in 24 years. Matress is as hard as a rock and trying to sleep on side is difficult at best. Wife just had spinal fusion surgery which is why we purchased bed. The support the bed offers is too firm and the name Cloud is misleading.

I have chronic neck pain that was not present on old bed. Stiffness in shoulders and base of neck persist throughout the day. We strongly recommend against this bed for anyone who has a nervous system.

Tempurpedic informed us that it takes time to break the bed in. We will be broken long before the bed is!

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I am the proud owner of a cloud supreme, and would not trade it for anything. The first week was awful.

It felt like I was sleeping on a brick. Now, I dont want to get out of bed in the morning. It is the most comfortable thing i've ever slept on.

I just hope the stories of the mattress sagging and other issues are only isolated incidents. Love my Cloud!!


Couldn't agree with you more believer... if your body is used to sleeping on an innerspring mattress and you change that it will take some getting used to.

You are going from something that uses springs to push against/support your body to something that is springless and has nothing that pushes against it. Instead of you contorting your body to get comfortable on the mattress, the mattress is molding/fitting your body.

It is a totally different experience... that DOES take getting used to but it is so worth it.


It took me about 3 mths to not wake up feeling like I had been beaten with a baseball bat through out the night.I would cry when it was time to go to bed b/c I hated the mattress so much. I never slept for more than 2 hrs at a time.

HOWEVER, 6mths in I would not trade the "breaking in" phase for anything. I love my mattress now! It truly is amazing how well I sleep and how great I feel. I think the breaking in period is more your body adjusting then it is the bed.

Its so worth the pain at first. I always wanted to be one of those people that could fall asleep as soon as they lay down and now I am.

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