Sandwich, Massachusetts

We purchased our Tempurpedic mattress a little over a year ago. The mattress is fine but the foundation under it fell apart after a few months.

The retailer replaced it and now it too has fallen apart. I just spent a few hours replacing the fiberboard stringers with real 3/4: plywood. The fiberboard had not only warped but had broken in 4 different places.

My side of the bed fell apart the most and I weigh less than 140 pounds so it certainly wasn't over stressed. Do not buy one of these, the construction is less than 3rd rate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Great product overall.


I have just owned my Tempurpedic for 6 months now and have just realized that part of the wood in the foundation is cracked. Now I am worried that nothing can or will be done about this.

I am still making installment payments for this bed.

I was pretty much satisfied with the bed so far, but not as thrilled as I had hoped. :cry :(

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