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My husband and i purchased a Tempurpedic mattress less than a year ago. I have Fibromyalgia and suffer from pressure point pain.

We thought the bed would FINALLY give me a good nights sleep. The first three weeks were a COMPLETE nightmare. My pain was incredible and everyone kept saying it's just the adjustment period, you'll get used to it. Well here it is nearly a year later and I and now my husband are still having sleepless nights.

Waking up each morning eager to get out of bed to stop the pain. The bed sags, the box spring is hard as a rock and makes it feel like you are sleeping on a steal beam that crosses right under my hips (my major pressure point pain). I was certainit was a defect and convinced the sales rep that came to our home to inspect the bed that there was surely a mistake and they sent out another set of box springs only to find they are ALL that way. It is simply awful.

Don't waste your money! I wish I had found this sight before we purchased.

I would have saved $3500 a many uncomfortable nights!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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I bought a $2000 Tempurpedic and can't sleep on it because I'm a giant baby. There are kids in thirdworld countries who sleep in dirt outside, and my $2000 bed is too hard/soft for my patheticness. Boohoo...


I'm a side sleeper, 6' 6" and weigh 240lbs. I'm a hyper guy so when I have trouble falling asleep I take herbs and melatonin to help.

I bought a Temperpedic bed about 6 months ago and I'm very pleased with the decision. I sleep much better and faster. I still take pills to sleep but not as much. The first night was the most amazing but even now, I can lay in my bed and fell that "ahhh" sensation.

I will say because of my size and the way I sleep, there is still some pressure across my shoulders but not as much as a regular bed. My wife on the other hand has mixed feelings about the bed but says she's happy we got it--I think mostly because I don't toss and turn as much and when I do move or get out and in the bed I don't shake the whole bed and wake her up. Sex on the bed is a bit trickier as your hands and knees sink deeper in than on a regular bed. The bed sleeps hot which is awesome in the winter not so great in the summer but I just kick the AC up a bit more and I'm fine again.

I recommend getting latex pillows with the bed; I didn't care much for the Tempur-pillows--but that's just preference. My Dad bought an Angel Bed and he really likes it too. Next I go see him I told him I would sleep on his bed to compare. He paid about half of what I paid so I'm really curious but even so, I have no remorse.

The bed is awesome.

If you don't like return it. Sleep comfort is very subjective so there's no way that everyone will like the same bed.


I have had my Tempur Cloud Supreme for two months now. I am still waiting for it to break in hopefully before the 90 day trial is up.

My upper back and shoulders are starting to really hurt and I am loosing alot of sleep. My wife sleeps on the couch now. I called Tempur to return it and they gave me additional tips to try before making my decision. They also mentioned that I was "stuck" with the ergo base because they do not manufacture those.

I asked why the consumer is not made aware of this detail before the purchase until after the purchase. I did not get an answer.

I am going to return my Tempur Cloud and purchase a regular coil mattress that is compatible with the *** ergo base. They are very deceitful in their business techniques.


I didn't buy the tempurpedic bed because I couldn't afford it, but I got a comparable mattress and after sleeping on this baad for almost a year I can honestly say that I prefer the traditional air spring mattresses much more. the mattress is extremely heavy, kinda hard to move around in because it feels like it sucks up all my energy (i can't even jump on the bed).

It feels like I'm sleeping on a giant sponge and when I get out of bed in the morning I feel HEAVY like when you exit a pool.

I am just glad I didn't pay all that extra money for the real thing. Phew!

to Victoria #574302

I am so happy to hear other people complain about this mattress. For awhile I thought I might be crazy but when I am away from home and sleep on a different mattress I most definiitely can feel the difference.

I am miserable sleeping on the Tempur pedic.

Victoria, when you said " It feels like I'm sleeping on a giant sponge and when I get out of bed in the morning I feel HEAVY like when you exit a pool. " I sang Alleluia, it's not just me. Very good description. That is exactly how I feel.

My shoulders and neck have been in excruciating pain after 6 months. These should be taken off the market.


I am confused about the original poster's comments about the box spring. Tempur-pedic mattresses are not sold with a box spring, perhaps she is really talking about another brand?


For what it’s worth, TempurPedic mattress are not made for, nor are they sold with box springs. They rest best on a platform, which is a hollow box.

The ones constructed by TempurPedic are built without any nails! They do provide the best nights rest.


Why dont you people return it if its so bad? They give you 90 days?

Our store gave us 100 days. Havent decided yet - but I see people writing how miserable they are after three weeks - then this bed isnt for you- return it and move on with your life...


Our bed is sagging and rolling to the middle. We thought we had purchased our last bed but looks like we will have to buy some other kind. My husband is a Parkinson's patient and needs a good night sleep which he sure doesn't get from this one.


how much do you weigh?

Some people have commented that if your heavy then it's not comfortable I want to know as my niece has one and she swears it's thebest bed in the world but she is 115lbs and in her late 20's. I'm much much older and weight 155 so I'm a little concerned about the weight problems

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