Worst purchased we made Tempur-pedic gel bed back pain is excruciating And it took several months to figure it out. Now we cannot return it, the warranty is up How convenient for them.

I am going to the manufacture I hope more people comment regarding this maybe as a group we can get something done.

I will go to your every day regular firm mattress as soon as I can get rid of this one. Has anyone had any luck with getting the manufacturer or the store where they purchased it to take it back

Why do I have to come up with 100 words I just want to say mine and my husband backs are killing us and we cannot sleep in our bed

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Medford, Oregon, United States #635800

Tempur-pedic doesn't make a gel bed for one and when you purchased, you should have asked how long the in home sleep guarantee was. Tempur-Pedic's sleep guarantee is 90 nights. A responsible consumer would have contacted them in that amount of time.

to Franchise Houston, Texas, United States #677805

Tempur-pedic DOES put a gel in their mattresses.....I was looking at them JUST this weekend and they have started with the "cool gel" in them....also I have spoken this week to 4 different folks that have purchased the product and they've all had some of the same complaints.....too hot.....sags/holes.....lower back pain and they've ALL said if they had it to do over they would NOT buy this product and never will again! Now I don't know the folks on this site but I do know the folks I ask and there is no reason for them to lie, so I know combine what they said and what I'm reading here I won't be buying a tempur-pedic product!

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