Hindman, Kentucky
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Am getting the run-around on trying to return this harder-than-the-floor mattress from Tempur Pedic. I get headaches, shoulder aches, hip pain, and a backache that lasts til evening!

I am within the 90 day in-home trial and can't figure out what part of COME GET IT do they not understand! TP says the local store is responsible and the local store says vise versa! I am just so upset. You would think a reputable company would be true to their word, but the all-mighty dollar speaks greater these days, I guess!


Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2656.

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I purchased the tp cloud supreme. After two weeks i started waking up to back pain and shoulder numbness.

The cloud started to sink in the middle and was replaced after about a year. They will not give me a different model but i was not charged anything for the return. I told the rep who sold too me if this one does the same thing i want a different model. Not to happy with this bed.

I just came back from a holiday and the cheap bed i slept on there was much more relaxing. Do not buy this cause all you will hhave is nightmares.


"If you bought it from a store then your likely SOL."

Needs further explanation.


I am having the same problem, but I bought it straight from tempurpedic, and the mattress hasn't got here yet and they still want to charge me shipping.


send them a certified letter requesting the bed be picked up, You are in the 90 day return policy period, if they do not pick it up, dont pay. If you have paid, stop the charge. If you can deliver it to the store that sold it to you if thats who told you about the 90 day grace period.


Contact your state's Attorney's Generals office. Let the store and Tempurpedic no what you're doing. You'll get your situation resolved.


The store will take care of you.


Did you originally buy it from their tempurpedic.com or a store? If you bought it from a store then your likely SOL.

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