We purchased Tempurpedic and adjustable/vib foundation frame approximately one year ago. since we purchased it at a retail store we were unable to return should we had decided to do so earlier.

With expectations that the mattress would perform, in time, to our expectations, (it was noted in the mfg literature that the mattress needs time to adjust or age, don't recall the exact wording. None the less we how have a $5,000.00 purchase which does not perform as we should expect and can not return it to the dealer. I sleep the majority of my nites in my recliner. State law prohibits return of used mattress for resale even though the mattress has be in a moisture proof cover and a human body has not come in contact with it.

Dealer will do nothing.

My advise to any one is to find a friend that has the matteress you wish to buy and sleep on it for a couple of nites. Don't believe what you hear or read on products, Mfg and salesperson are habitual lairs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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