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Bought tempura mattresses for daughter and myself 2 years ago.Can't say they are more comfortable, pretty much the same. CAN SAY THEY HAVE MADE MY LIFE ***!

I didn't research this product - big mistake. No information was forthcoming regarding the chemicals or THAT SMELL.In the last two years I have had problems with bad odours around the house. Sometimes much much worse than others. I worked out where they were coming from upstairs, at times it was so bad in the downstairs hallway, I had to open the front-door to get some relief!In the past two years, I have renewed all bedding, mattress protectors, duvets etc.

I have replaced my daughters bedroom carpet thinking that something must have been spilled and not properly cleaned. This made no difference. I then threw out a perfectly good sofa from my daughters room, again blaming her. Smell still there.

Getting desperate now! so needlessly re-carpeted my bedroom, no difference. I have done all the extra cleaning I could, pulled out wardrobes etc looking in case something had died and was decomposing - honestly it has been that bad.As the weather became colder this winter, I noticed this smell was back, really bad. It made me think.

I am a fresh air fanatic (even before this fiasco) My bedroom windows are always open day and night (always have been) but I had the flu and the shivers that go with it, so my bedroom windows had been closed. The smell wasn't just coming from my daughters room it was from mine as well. The only thing in common in our rooms were the mattresses. I hadn't got the link before because my bedroom was always well aired.I tried neutrodol powder all sorts of air fresheners, nothing made a difference.

I felt a little *** but thought I'd look online to see if anyone else had thought these mattresses smelled. I couldn't believe my eyes, so many complaints, so many concerns about the chemicals used.YES these mattresses do smell. Quite a few articles say the smell goes after a few weeks or months. I have certainly NOT found this to be the case.

Two years and a small fortune before it even occurred to me that it was the new mattresses that were giving off the smell. Many sites recommend using Baking Soda and plenty of airing, and I WAS going to try this. Until, after reading more articles regarding the chemicals and their possible effects on health. Following two lots of blood tests, my Daughter had her bi-annual health check yesterday.

It was found that problems with her thyroid gland are increasing - again - despite every effort to keep it in check. Today, I read these mattresses can cause problems with the Thyroid!

AND - the two year time line here is more than ringing bells!These mattresses are GOING - to the tip, where they belong. 'PISSED' is an understatement!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Gilbert, Arizona, United States #712065

Ummmm your a fanatic and you never noticed the smell coming from YOUR BED when lying on it? I call large BS on your whole story. Totally fabricated, or extremely embellished.

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