Sent the following certified letter form to company(1)Produce a project plan/schedule/build of materials/scope of work for any of your workers/subcontractors at any given time.

(2)Communicate with us as the customers if a worker/subcontractor has quit or gotten fired from our project, when a worker/subcontractor will arrive on site (if at all). We have told you several times that communication is key to all of our success but you do not seem to have any respect in that aspect and have made the choice not to properly communicate with us.

If you do finally communicate it is only after we have to make you aware that workers have failed to show up, etc. leaving us knowing that you have no idea what is going on with this project.

(3)No project manager at any given time has been at our house to make sure the job is being done correctly.

(4)We have had to provide on our drop clothes, broom with dust pan and other cleaning products of our own in order to attempt to protect our floors. The work space has not been cleaned daily before leaving and for day after day trash continued to build up in our flower beds and grass. Also, when they put the trash in the flower beds they just threw it in there causing to break 4 (four) solar lights we had in it.

George stated on July 3, 2021 that he would replace these.

(5)One of your subcontractor, a plumber, was supposed to come in the morning of July 1, 2021, and failed to do so because apparently he had warrant out for his arrest and was taken to jail.

(6)I have specifically asked George, to make sure that before any tile is put on the walls that the sheet rock is waterproofed on the screws and seams. Instead of doing so, his subcontractor just put mud over it and did not waterproof anything.

(7)When the subcontractor installed the wall tile, it was done incorrectly and left it with cracks, not leveled correctly, uneven, the grout lines are all different sizes and all the schluter around the window frame and nook frame was put on not flush with the tile. This has to all be redone.

(8)A licensed electrician was supposed to come to our house on July 2, 2021 and failed to do so. Instead, your company opted for one of the subcontractors to do the electric part of the job.

To my knowledge he was not a licensed electrician. This is the same subcontractor that installed our wall tile and left 4 (four) tiles installed with cracks. The same subcontractor then failed to show up on July 3, 2021 as promised. On this particular morning, George (not sure what his role in the company is) came and picked up the 85% of the trash, leaving the remaining.

and did not inform us that no other contractor would be coming leaving us with the assumption someone was coming as we had been told the day before. We were not told until hours later after we made several attempts to get a hold of someone that the "crew quit" without any explanation or any time line of when someone will be getting this project done.

(8)You told me via email on July 5th, that you would call me on Tuesday, July 6' and also have a tile guy, Andre, come and work on our bathroom. This did not happen. I attempted to call you and you are now starting to block my phone calls.

(9)Your company's website states the following and this has not happened from the beginning to date of this letter:

"We provide you a professional designer and an architect to get the style right.

Then, in conjunction with your project manager, we build an installation schedule approved by you before starting demolition."

This remodeling job for our 5ft by 8 ft bathroom should take no longer than a week to complete from the beginning to the end. We are starting now on the 4' week and there has been little work and movement on your company's part and if it has been done it is incorrect and has to be fixed.

We as the customers have had to provide the Scope of Work to your subcontractors because the workers/subcontractors have not had any type of direction, scope of work or plans to work from. When my wife, Shannon, asked one of the subcontractors has they would know what to do his response was "oh we will just figure it out." That is unacceptable.

We have also had to be the ones to have to enter any notes, photos, etc. to the Buildtrend communication app.

There is no Scope of Work, no schedule set and so this Buildtrend app. is useless except for documentation that we are making in every effort to get this project done. Your company has been negligent to do so. We have also uploaded photos in the Buildtrend app for all of the mistakes that have been made up to this point.

Please find enclosed the Description of Services agreed upon with our notations of work NOT done and work that is either incomplete or incorrectly done.

We have requested a refund in the amount of $4,134.00 for work that has not been done, for work that will now have to be redone and materials that we will have to rebuy because of your company's lack of competency, communication, professionalism and subcontractors failing to show up for the job.

We are now going to have to replace the majority of the materials that we have already paid for and that was incorrectly used by your company and all of the new tile left with some cracked and schluter that we had already purchased and was incorrectly installed.

We are enclosing a copy of the estimate showing everything that has NOT been done and has to be redone.

We have asked you on several occasions to call us, not text or email, so that we can get our issues resolved but you have failed to do so. Therefore, we expect a refund and will no longer be doing business with you and your company, Task Force NTX .

User's recommendation: NEVER used this company if you do not want to be ripped off, lied to & job left uncomplete.

Location: Waxahachie, Texas

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