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I have had NOTHING but trouble with 2 Anzzi shower towers. There have been multiple parts that were defective in both units and I have been fighting with this company for 10 months to get 3 parts replaced.

The customer service reps are all very nice and assure me that they are taking care of the problem and it will be resolved and that they will call me back as soon as they know when parts will ship. I have NEVER heard back from ANY one of them in regards to ship dates. Not Rafael, not Marvin, not Angie, not John, not Kenny. NEVER.

First, they sent the wrong part. I got back in touch with them on MARCH 10, 2022 (Today is 10/28/22) to tell them they sent the wrong part. I finally got the right part in September, but I still did not receive the other 2 (2 of the same parts). They told me they could not order the parts because they did not have a sku number, they only had a part number.

They said they had to create a sku number. No one did that. A month later I called back, they said the same thing. Today, I FINALLY got the other shipment and there was only 1 of the needed parts, not 2 of them.

And it turns out that they ordered the part by part number (not sku number), which we had all along. I have spent HOURS on the phone and called more than a dozen times. They all say they're going to take care of the problem. It is unbelievable.

It is either utter incompetence or willful run around.

If you order anything from them, I hope that you have no problems with the product. If you do, you are likely in for MONTHS of aggravation.

User's recommendation: Do not buy from this company.

Preferred solution: the right parts and straight answers without my having to call incessantly .

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