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I'm trying to find a product called PELLITOL OINTMENT for my dogs ears, but no luck. SVPMEDS finally pop up saying that they sell an identical product called Re-ca-litol Otic Ointment - same active ingredients as Pellitol®, but you must register to get more info.

So after filling out registration form with name, address, phone, email, user name and password, I finally get to the info page. There I learn that their product is $25 instead of $10 which was the price for PELLITOL. On top of that, their product is sold by PRESCRIPTION ONLY, which was not the case with PELLITOL, yet they claim it's the exact same ingredients. I feel that they are just gathering peoples personal info to sell to marketers, as well as ceasing an opportunity to gouge the public in need of a product that seems to have been discontinued.

Either way, they don't appear to be a company that deserves our patronage. Shame on them!!

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The original maker retired and closed. These are pharmacy's that make a compound but with a slight change in ingredients and call it something else so they can bank on it!

There's no reason to need a prescription except to make more money and the fact that the product is coming from a pharmacy. I too have been searching! :/

The whole idea was to NOT have to take them to a vet!

But in order to get this product...YOU have to take them to a vet! Crazy!


The person who developed Pellitol retired and the product went off the market. Since then a couple of compound pharmacies have developed their own formulas.

It now is a prescription med and requires a prescription to order/purchase. SVP's version is highly recommended by the vet who brought this tried and true ear treatment back.


Pell Otic ointment from Wedgewood Pharmacy in Swedesboro, New Jersey, which packages the ointment in 15-milliliter syringes that retail for $24. This ointment contains zinc oxide, calamine, bismuth subnitrate, resorcinol, juniper tar, and bismuth subgallate, which are (except for echinacea) the same ingredients as Pellitol in a slightly different formula.

Wedgewood Pharmacy ships to all states except North Carolina. Pet owners can order Pell Otic ointment by phone or online, but orders must be accompanied by a veterinarian’s prescription.

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I wonder if they ship to the uk or is this available over here too.


Thanks for putting this up here for others like myself looking for Pellitol.

Knowledge is something we should always be sharing and so I appreciate your posting

this specific experience with us.

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I also need to order pell otic but it seems to be a real pain. I usually fill in what I want from valley vet and they contact my vet,wedgewood doesn't do that and valley vet doesn't carry pell otic. My dog had pellitol put in his ears at vet and it worked amazing but he can no longer travel


Has anyone found a solution?! My dog has been to the vet multiple times and to about 3 different vets trying to get rid of this ear infection!

We've used multiple medications which seem to work for awhile, but as soon as the mess are gone his ear starts oozing and gets really inflamed again. It stinks to high heaven and I hate seeing him so irritated with it. I'm at my whits end!

I'm a afraid to use this power solution some of you are talking about because of the alcohol in it. If his ear is raw it would burn so bad!


If you read a few websites (like this one: http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/16_11/features/alternative-treatments-updated_20861-1.html), you learn that Pellitol is no longer manufactured/marketed. SVP Meds is a custom compounding pharmacy, so logically their product will cost more. It's not really fair to label them unscrupulous.


I bought the Recalitol from SVPMEDS and I think it is great stuff. Ear infections are nothing to mess around with.

Most ear infections are caused from what is going on with the dogs immune system and that is a problem that needs to solved but the Recalitol keeps the infection under control while you are strengthening the immune system. Yes I did have to have my vet send in the prescription.


I couldn't agree more!!! The whole veterinary profession is turning into a major rip off with suppliers following suit.

The prices charged are obscene when people are just trying to help their much loved pets. I'm not saying that services/products should be supplied for free but there should be a "happy medium" between "free" and "holy ***, is that my bill??!!!" and many products are now by prescription only that should be available OTC. Who does this benefit? Why, your vet of course.

You now have to pay for the office visit, exam and a super-inflated price for the meds when owners could have handled the treatment by themselves. I couldn't even find my way to the registration page for svpmeds. Now I find out that even if I had managed to register, it would have done me no good. Wish I had seen the article about pellitol back in 2004.

Maybe I could have bought it back then and stocked up.

If anyone finds a similar non-prescription product I would appreciate knowing about it. My vet has ripped me off for enough money already.

kittydoodles M
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My cocker is prone to ear infections, and as such, I've had to treat him again since my last post. I used a recipe I found online for something called "BLUE POWER EAR SOLUTION". The (3) ingredients were cheap and I'm PLEASED TO REPORT... WORKED AFTER JUST 2 DAYS!! The redness, odor and pain/itching were all gone after 4 treatments!!

Here's the recipe...


~ 16oz bottle of rubbing alcohol (70% is what I used)

~ 16 drops of 1% GENTIAN VIOLET (if yours is 2% use 8 drops)


Dump a tiny bit out of the alcohol bottle first to allow room to mix, then add the rest of the ingredients into the bottle of alcohol. Shake well to mix. (HEAVILY SHAKE ALCOHOL BOTTLE TO DISTRIBUTE BORIC ACID THOROUGHLY EACH TIME BEFORE YOU REFILL THE SQUEEZE BOTTLE, the boric acid is the soothing ingredient and settles to the bottom)

To use, shake well then pour some into a clean, empty squeeze bottle with a tapered nozzle (the kind used to dye hair)or fill a plunger type syringe, whatever you have that will easily deliver the solution into the ear canal, without a huge mess. (NOTE: The violet STAINS :( anything it touches, so gloves? old clothes and towels? and do it outside or in bathtub or?... just saying... I put him in tub and gave him his bath at the same time, that way the mess (head shaking)was easier to contain plus I didn't have to worry about water in his ears afterwards. ,)

***To soothe instead of causing pain in the ear, You MUST FIRST WARM THE SOLUTION JUST PRIOR TO PUTTING IN THE EAR

by standing the squeeze bottle in a container of semi-hot water for a minute or 2 to bring to body temperature or slightly warmer. Not too hot. Shake again, then

fill ear with solution, and massage under ear to work it down in, then stand back and let them shake it out. Wipe ear flap with tissue then fill the ear again, no massage this time, wipe flap. If doing both ears, fill and massage both ears before allowing him to shake his head, wipe both flaps then do each again. Do this twice a day. I think it said to do twice a day for 1 week, then 1 time a day for another week, then do once a week to prevent or something like that. Please don't take my word for it, check it out online for how long to treat, the recipe is correct for sure though. I did this 2 days (4 times) and done deal.

Good luck and let me know how it goes for you and your pup. :)


Did you have any luck getting the ointment? I'm in the same boat and wanted to try pellitol as a last ditch effort for my dog's ears. Thanks for sharing the info so I didn't get sucked into the same scam from SPVMEDS.

kittydoodles M
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Hi Kim,

I ended up taking him to the vet. They did an ear infusion of some stuff that you just leave in there and don't bother.

It didn't dry and shrink then fall out the way the Pellitol was supposed to, it oozed out over the course of 2 weeks. It dries as a thick, waxy coating that is pretty sticky, covering the entire underside of the ear flaps and some down his neck... Kinda gross and it took several time consuming sessions to comb it off the fur with a plastic flea comb. His ears are fine now.

Unfortunately, the cost of the vet visit, ear cleaning and infusion was a lot more than the $25 they want for the Pellitol. If you do buy the pellitol, let me know how it worked.

Good luck !! Also, there is a home remedy I found online called "blue power ear wash", that looked promising, the recipe can be found here: http://www.dogforums.com/dog-health-questions/6964-blue-power-ear-wash.html

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The pellitol does work,,,,,,,,, my vet in egg harbor township NJ has it, I was charged $33 per ear for my 257 pound dog but it worked wonders,,,,,,,,,,

Iyesha Ezm
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You have a 257 pound dog?!?!


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