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SupremePsychics is really a bad website and was established in March 2013. The psychics on there are fake and are just here for the money. They do not care for the clients and will make stuff up.

I have been on this site trying to get a good and accurate reading, however the psychics on here will make stuff up, ask for money and more money as well as say you or someone you know has a curse and it needs to be removed. Majority of them do not know what they are saying and are here to waste the customer's time and money.

Many of the psychics on there have deceived me about my situation, gave false predictions, and are not whom they say they are. SupremePsychics do not test nor verified their psychics. This is a site where anyone will get on and pretend to be a psychic.

This site has costed me a lot of money as in my money has been wasted and they are wasting my time and other customers.

All of the psychics on there are fakes and are not real. They just want your money. They do not care about you nor your situation.

Please stay away from SupremePsychics. The site is really bad and awful and is very similar to Keen.com , Oranum, BitWine, LivePerson, and other psychic websites.The psychics are not tested nor authentic.

Readings are not accurate and correct. Please stay far far far away from SupremePsychics. All the psychics are scammers and fakes.

I strongly urge you to go to another site that test their psychics for accurate readings and legitimacy. Even customer service will not help you will your situation and does not test their psychics. All the psychics on there are 100% fakes, scammers, and frauds.

Please go to another site. SupremePsychics is a fraudulent, fake, and scamming site. The site also has a history to use your debit or credit card to buy items or purchase things that did not come from you. They have use customer's financial information to purchase vacations, cameras, houses, and other items.

Do not give them your financial/credit/debit information. They will make fraudulent purchases. Keep away and do not use SupremePsychics.

All of the psychics are looking for customers to prey on and are on there 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Keep away from the site. The site should be shut down.

They are doing a disservice to customers and clients. They are taking advantage of them and ripping them off.

Stay away from Supreme Psychics. Everyone on there is fakes/scammers/frauds. Please go to a site that test their psychics and have legitimate readers.

Review about: Psychic Reading.

I didn't like: Fake psychics, Frauds, Inaccurate readings, Predictions not coming true, Scams.

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Meridian, Idaho, United States #1252526

OMG!!!Are you for real?

Honestly you deserve to be ripped off if you actually believe that these particular psychics are scamming you...I can't believe that you are upset about this. ALL psychics are fake!!! They are ALL scamming you...dang you are a total freaking ***!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HAVE EVER GIVEN MONEY TO ANYONE FOR THEM TO TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR FUTURE YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED!!!!!

No one can tell you anything about your future...well actually maybe I can...you will lose your money again in the future to a fake psychic...because they are all fakes! wow...guess that makes me psychic too...that will be $50.00 please. Freaking unbelievable...these sites make money off of idiots like you and then when the *** does not like what is being told to them they go and write a review about how the psychic is a fake...um news flash ***...they have all taken your money and they all have talked about all the idiots they scammed money from.

Grow up and take charge of your own life for a change.Only God knows your future, and there is a good reason He does not let you in on it...because if He told you what was going to happen then idiots like you would try to change it because you think you know what is best when actually you don't even have the brains to distinguish your *** from a hole in the ground!


Unfortunately even the large Psychic Services are faltering and they are not texting their psychics either. They are going more and more downhill over the past 10 yrs. Its truly sad when you have these gifts and all these people and sites are making

Psychics like myself look bad.

Even the biggest sites like Psychic Source has fallen to greed and fake psychics.


to PsychicGrl Meridian, Idaho, United States #1252529

Hey psychic girl...I'm Superman...I can see through walls and even fly.BTW...these fake sites and fake psychics are not making you look bad my dear....you are doing that all by yourself by professing to be psychic.

Oh what's that? You really are psychic? Ok well then I really can fly and see through walls...want me to prove it...I'll be right back...(15 min later) ok I just flew around my neighborhood and while doing so I also saw a bunch of potatoes and a red tricycle in a potato cellar down the road, yep, saw right through the cinder block walls, and in the dark even. You don't believe me?

Well that's rude! I said I did so it has to be true. Grow up, find a real occupation, stop scamming people. You are special just the way you are, you do not need to pretend to be psychic in order to feel special, I promise you this.

God does not make junk, open your eyes and see the beautiful person looking back at you, try to get to know the real her, you won't be disappointed.


What The *** Is That How Any Psychic Can Tell About Your Future Even They Always Ask For Your DOB Or Name hahaha Who Don't Your Name And DOB ETC And You Are Expecting That They Will Help You.................Hope You Have Mind With Shittttttttttttt

Who Me
Naperville, Illinois, United States #1030687

Well, duh. There's no such thing as psychics.

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