HORRIBLE. I wish I could give them zero stars.

This company is quite frankly unbelievable. I have the utter misfortune of having to deal with them as they are contracted through liberty mutual and they are legitimately the worst towing company on the planet. Firstly, all they do is lie, lie, lie. They lie about being on sight, they lie about contacting you about being on sight, they lie to liberty mutual about the services they perform (or rather didn’t perform).

My god, in all my years I’ve never encountered a professional institution that LIES as much as they do. They have canceled THREE (3) road side assistant claims in ONE DAY without performing any services (coming to change a tire). THREE, back to back. I’m flabbergasted as how this business stays afloat, they don’t want to do their jobs.

On top of that, they really like to use threats and ultimatums when dealing with customers (“if you don’t reply right now, if you don’t this or that, we’re cancelling the service”) are you kidding me?? I waited FIVE (5) hours for a simple tire change and was told this. I waited FOUR (4) hours for a towing to an auto shop and told this. It’s utterly ridiculous.

Every single time I have to deal with this company through my insurance, its a headache. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THEM, EVER.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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