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My question is in the detail area.I have two questions. On your website it says that for the top and bottom essix clear retainers help prevent the teeth from shifting.

Is that all they do? Or do they also help the crooked teeth become straight after a period of time? My next question is I'm a little nervous because I'm only getting the top retainers to help straighten my front teeth and the two next to the front teeth. There's no gap in between my two front teeth it's just that they don't look or seem straight.

So I'm afraid that if I buy the top retainers that it will make a gap in between my teeth after a couple months or so. My concern for my bottom teeth is that my bottom 7 teeth that are noticeable aren't very straight either.

But the ones in the clear back are just fine. So I'm nervous that these retainers are going to screw up my back bottom teeth.

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by #1806108

Unfortunately, the company website does not provide any information if the top and bottom essix clear retainers prevent the teeth from shifting. However, you may always contact Sporting Smiles Customer Service by phone at (262) 290-2396 or by email at Info@SportingSmiles.com and ask for assistance.

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