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I am a Sub Contractor located in Panama City Florida.I signed a contract with Sovran Builders to build houses for DR Horton.There was every excuse in the book not to pay.

Now, I am having to file a lien to try and retain my money. I was first told that they could not release my check due to inadequate insurance so I went to my insurance company to inquire. Of course, there was nothing wrong with my insurance, so I had my insurance company contact Sovran Builders. Sovran called me back to say that they had a meeting with my insurance company and DR Horton and that my insurance company did not want to represent me anymore and that they were going to cut their losses and eventually mail me my check.

I was standing in the office of my insurance carrier when I took this call and no such meeting took place. They are LIARS. They will put you on one job, and when you are at the stage of construction for a draw they will move you to another job. You will work your a** of and get paid in percentages of completion.

SO, you never get paid. No wonder consumers are waiting so long to occupy their home.

I have attached pictures of 4737 Magnolia Bay Club, Panama City Beach Florida and pictures of 1027 Tidewater Lane in Laird Point.I am so sorry if either one of these houses belongs to you.

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Alexandria, Virginia, United States #1249072
Can you remove my address from your post... I have lived in the home for the past 3 years and had it inspected twice. No problems were ever found. So I need the post removed or my address removedo because your post could cost me money loan. I did not have anything to do with your job or the job you did but if it's not removed I will start a litigation to both of you. Anythings that devalues my home and the quality of work you and Dr horton did is fine for me. Leave my home out of the post or force me to start legal proceedings.
Yeah... Ralph is a crook. He skims money from every line item in his estimates and then pulls money from subs once the jobs are complete.
Sovran Builders Inc. are working people on several jobs and not paying the sub contractors. They make them use a guy they have to get checks in his name saying the people are covered under his workmans comp when they are not. He then takes a percentage out of the subs check to cover workmans comp and this is considered fraud. Then after they won't pay the subs, they believe this will keep them from coming to work so Sovran can bring a new crew in to start the whole process over again.. If all workers are NOT paid, liens will be filed and workers comp fraud will be reported.. DO NOT work for Sorvan Builders Inc.
2815 Remington Green Cr
Suite 100
Tallahassee, FL 32308
Dear Eppic Construction,
According to our records, you began work on the two jobs using the payroll service company Labor Ready for your worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. As per our company policies, we contacted Labor Ready to certify our manpower records match theirs, thus ensuring appropriate Worker’s Compensation coverage for your crew. Labor Ready’s branch manager sent us a fax stating “Eppic Construction was not covered by Labor Ready for the dates above. They are currently not covered by Labor Ready. COI [Certificate of Insurance] on file is void.” Working without coverage is both unacceptable and illegal.
As no liens were ever filed on these homes, and a final lien release has been signed stating that you had been paid in full, we consider this matter resolved. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
-Sovran Building Systems, Inc.
to Anonymous #829951
Although it has been several months since I have been on, I have to say that, the complaint and or reply against and towards Sovran Builders that was posted one day ago, proves that the business and professional ethic of Sovran Building Systems is based on the foundation of fraud, greed, and to simply put it, LIES. you state that, the company, in reference to your reply, did not carry valid insurance: However, is that not the same allegation, one from your company, also alleged against the Company and or people, referenced in the above complaint. PLEASE!!! Contractors and Sub Contractors alike, know your reputation. When an honest man works to provide for his family and his co-workers, not employees in this type of business, He and or She can not afford to be defrauded out of their hard earned money. And, sometimes, one may be forced to go ahead and sign a release in order to gain, even if it is a percentage, of the owed monies that are due. You know, it is better to take a loss and receive something, instead of worrying your self with a situation that involves Human kinds like yourself. Just remember, God does not like ugly. Although you may be living high now at the cost of others, it will certainly be a long way to fall and it will happen. FOR THE RECORD, WHY WOULD YOU DIRECT YOUR COMMENT STRICTLY TOWARDS EPPIC CONSTRUCTION? I BET I KNOW, THAT WAS A COMPANY YOU RIPPED OF HUH??? I WAS IN THE OFFICE WHEN MY INSURANCE COMPANY CONTACTED YOU AND THE EMPLOYEE FOR THE INSURANCE... Show more
to Anonymous #835067
This company is full of it and they made us use a guy they know for workmans comp instead of ours, our check went to him on the couple times we were given 400-600.00 and he cashed it and took out a percentage for workmans comp and deposited the remaining in our bank account.. ILLEGAL... We never met this guy and nobody knew all they guys names working with us so no way were we covered on this guys workmans comp.. Just got a investigator to find out who this guy is and what company his policy is with to report him. We just built a house in Navarre, Fl and their excuse for not paying us over 8 grand the past month is the house isn't finished but we finished our job. Emerald Homes aka D.R. Horton say they don't wanna get in the middle but little do they know they will be front and center in this come tomorrow when liens are filed at clerk of courts.. Reporting them to BBB and going blast them on craigslist and all over internet till paid in FULL.. This company is running a scam on people and are thiefs!!!! They need to be stopped once and for all!!!!

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