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Would give zero stars. Within the first year table started to separate a little and within two years the table top is completely falling apart, cracking and separating.

I reached out to the owner via Facebook asking her why my table is separating and what we could do to fix it and prevent any further separation. I never got any response so later I tried to reach out to them on their Instagram page. I sent them the same message to their DM. I also commented on their most recent picture saying I have been trying to reach out to you about an issue with my table please contact me as soon as possible.

I got no response still and since you cannot delete peoples Instagram comments they decided to delete the picture entirely. I was being ignored and not only that, but they have blocked me from their Facebook so I can no longer comment on any of their post or send them any messages. I decided to call the company and I left a voicemail saying I was interested in a table. The next day I received a text and replied that have actually been trying to reach out to you for a while now about issues I am having with a table you made for me.

I resent her the pictures of the table and explained the issue. She immediately placed the blame on me not taking care of the table properly saying that I should have been conditioning the wood and that it may be a humidity issue as well as sunlight (mind you my dining room table is in a climate controlled house and not in direct sunlight although that should not matter). I asked her then if I was supposed to be conditioning the table what product she recommended me using. I never got an answer to that text message so that is when I decided to call her out on being unprofessional and how I know that she blocked me.

When venting my frustrations to her she even replied with a laughing emoji. After much fight she stated that if I truly felt that it was a construction issue she would look at it and try to fix it.. when asking her what the fix would be she said that she could not tell from the pictures and would have to see it in person. I posted my issue to a woodworkers blog to get professional opinions every single one of them agreed that it was a construction issue and could easily tell what the issues were just by looking at the pictures.

They warned that this company obviously doesnt know what they are doing and are learning on peoples dimes. If people that have never seen the table before can clearly identify what went wrong with the construction phase she should be able to tell me the same and how to fix it. Unfortunately, the only fix is to completely remake the table top altogether. Something that this couple clearly doesnt know how to properly to begin with.

Do to that and their complete lack of professionalism I do not trust them to bring back my table to fix. Do some research (bbb.org, Yelp, etc.) and youll quickly find that you should purchase elsewhere!

User's recommendation: https://www.facebook.com/groups/114084****673823/?ref=share.

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You were "gypped" by gypsies! Never patronize any business run by gypsies, travelers, or pikeys...they are all thieves and con artists !


I agree. I have nothing but problems from my table that was made.

I was told by another furniture builder that they didn't even use furniture grade wood. They used to have a place to leave reviews on fb but they have taken it down. Ink kw that there has been a lot of terrible reviews for them.

My table wasn't even like the picture that I sent them when scheduling. I ended up getting a new one made from someone else 2 years later.

Nakaya Kvt
reply icon Replying to comment of Jodelle

Same here! Our table, server, and other pieces are falling a part!

There's too much money involved to let this happen.

Not sure what the next step is but I would love the advice. Thanks!

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