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by Lydia C Kty #57257

How can I get company to replace my hot water heater that they caused to explode?I am reaching out to inquire about how I should proceed in getting Suburban Propane to replace the water heater they damaged. On Nov.

13th I hired Suburban Propane to reignite my Bradford White solar water heater with gas backup (sometimes the pilot goes out and we need it to be reignited). While the technician was working on the reignition the water heater exploded. After causing it to explode, the technician left the water heater unrepaired and told us to contact someone else to repair it. On Nov.

16th, I contacted another company (Capital Plumbing) who stated that the water heater needs to be repaired and refused to fix it. The technician at Capital informed us that the damage was dangerous and connecting it back up to the gas could cause it to explode again along with the entire house.

I proceeded to contact Suburban Propane who told me that they refuse to replace the water heater and only offered to apply repairs. Due to the danger of another explosion, I am not comfortable with a repair as it needs to be replaced for the safety of myself and my family.

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