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On Friday, March 24, I went to my new pcps office to be seen at central Arizona medical associates. They have a Sonora quest lab inside their office.

At the end of my visit, I went into the lab to have substantial blood drawn. The girl (from Sonora quest) greeted me. While she was doing paperwork to get ready to draw blood, I remembered that I had another order from an outside doctor for hormone levels, which I do every 3-4 months. I had a photo of the order on my phone.

I then asked this girl if I can email her this order. She said no, as she stated that she needed a hard copy of the order. Of note, my former pcp also had a sonora quest lab in his office, and they never had any issue with running tests for an outside doctor as they were not part of the doctors office, but an outside lab. So, back to this Sonora quest phlebotomist, she told me very rudely that I needed to have a hard copy of the order, otherwise she couldnt do the test.

I then asked her if she could look at the exact same orders, on her Sonora quest computer system, which had been done for the last 12 years. She told me she couldnt do that. I did show her the order from this other doctors office which was on my phone.l which she looked at. She then abruptly left the room and returned with the office mgr.

for this doctors office, which I have no idea why she would do that. The office mgr. told me the exact same thing as this phlebotomist. I couldnt figure out why she would go and get the office mgr.

as I was being very civil and polite to her. I then asked her if I left, went home, and brought back the hard copy of the order, if she would then draw my blood. She said yes. Please note that Im currently mobility disabled.

So I left the Sonora quest lab, drove 30 minutes to get home, took the hard copy of the order, and then drove back to the doctors office. I then went into the Sonora quest lab and handed the girl the order. She looked at it and says to me, oh, this is not an order. I dont know what this is.

I then replied that it was an order and that I didnt know why she was saying that it wasnt. She then left the room again, and a third time, came back with the office manager, yet again. At this point, Im really confused. This is the same order that Ive been presenting every 3 months to a sonora quest employee.

So the phlebotomist starts to mumble, theres no diagnosis code, no procedure codes, etc. I then showed her that the codes were indeed on the order and asked her why she was not seeing them when they were right on the order itself. Then the office manager says to me, oh, shes not an employee of this doctors office but she does have to follow the rules of our office, and then she left the room. In the meantime, this phlebotomist, who refused to give me either her first or last name, had literally been saying to me, Im sorry every other sentence.

I wanted to lighten the mood a bit, so I said to her, you need to stop saying sorry. It is what it is, Im fine with just going to the lab directly. I smiled at her and said, if you dont stop saying your sorry, I may have to slap you sillay. Then I laughed because it was a joke.

She then says to me, oh, if you say that to me again Im not drawing your blood. You cant threaten someone with physical harm. I was sitting there just dumbfounded by what she just said. I then said to her, relax, it was a joke.

I didnt mean anything by it; it was supposed to be funny. She then replied, well you cant say that to people. Again, I was speechless. Not only was she lazy, but not too bright in the common sense department either.

So, she drew the blood from this doctors office that she was in, but refused to do the other order from Dr.

Wilsons office because according to her, it wasnt an order! I then finished up, and walked out of the lab in tears.

Today, I get a letter, hand delivered by a messenger from my pcps office stating that due to my threatening behavior to their phlebotomist, Im no longer welcome in their office, nor am I welcome at

My pulmonologists office on the other side. Im in shock! Because of this phlebotomist going to my doctor and lying, saying that I threatened her, Ive now lost not only my primary care doctor, but also my pulmonologist, who it took me 6 weeks to get an appt with!

This is absolutely unprofessional behavior for a medical provider. Your employee flat out lied to a physician, refused to go one extra step to help me by looking in her computer to see all the prior orders, and had me leave, drive all the way home, only to come back again with a hard copy of an order, and not end up drawing my blood for the hormone levels. Ive been a nurse practitioner for 30 years, working with various labs. Ive never ever heard of a phlebotomist behaving in such an unprofessional manner.

Your employee has caused me irreparable harm..

She must be required to take responsibility for her unprofessional behavior. Perhaps, she just shouldnt be allowed any interactions with patients as her people skills are sorely lacking, her blatant laziness, as evidenced by her unwillingness to help me, is just unacceptable. At no time did I threaten your employee and, at no time was I rude. I was very frustrated by what she was telling me, as it made no common sense.

I have COPD and cannot afford to be without a pulmonary doctor. This girl is a horrible employee and this matter needs to be dealt with appropriately. I will no longer be giving my business to Sonora quest.

From this point on, I will be using Lab Corp for all my phlebotomy needs. Thank you.


Location: Tempe, Arizona

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