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Solo Flex produced thousands of high end 2000 dollar exercise work stations back in the 1980's to present. The system used flexible bands, the company policy always replaced the bands if split or worn, no questions asked,it was a life time warranty that mysteriously changed over the years from 6 yrs>2 yrs>1 yr > 6 months and now you pay for all replacement bands that have skyrocketed 900% over original cost. I paid 2000 back in 1980 that was akin to spending 5000 dollars today. The new president of the family run company came off like a stone cold arrogant *** reading me the bible of corporate *** on margin and costs to make the bands for the station.

They would not replace several cracked bands that i returned. they never shipped the defective bands back to me either....they wanted all the money and (president/ceo Connie Wilson) refused to comment on the warranty policy that doesn't exist anymore, or exactly why they dropped replacement support for an expensive piece of hardware that is rendered useless with out proper weight groups.

they knew then and now their product is defective in the 5,10,and 25 pound resistance straps and rather than satisfy the customer and protect the consumer from potential injury if the bands snapped , they chose to screw their customer base and drop the ball.This is a flexible rubber that was sold as near indestructible for the life of the machine. that banter changed over the years.In fact they upgraded the quality years ago and shipped the new bands design free of cost , to me and other solo flex customers."some improvement eh"! Now I have a unit that can only use weight plates as an alternative. that was not the way the machine was supposed to work, and not what i paid for.do not buy anything from SOLO FLEX FITNESS CORP HILLSBORO OREGON !!! they no longer take my calls and apparently believe that the cost and investment in their product is not worth the cost of standing behind any warranty worth a spit. this was a scam and *** job, big sales hype and incentive to by attachments and add ons ......very expensive investment and big disappointments !

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

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I’ve already posted a complete comment regarding this guy’s demands for satisfaction. Solo flex never offered a lifetime warranty on their bands the longest was 10 years and the machine was only 450 bucks in 1983.

Mine has worked great for years with the understanding that I do have to replace some of the lower value bands 5, 10 and 25 pounds every ten years or so. This guy’s facts are wrong and he may be angry but he doesn’t have a basis for being angry.


Soloflex bands never came with a lifetime warranty. They came with a 10 year warranty.

And in 1983 they were $550 not thousands. I know I still have mine from when I bought it in 1983. You can buy 185 pounds of bans from solflex for only $330 and 405 pounds for only $530. Furthermore if you buy a new set now the ones that you buy today have a five year warranty.

Mostly because I think over time the company realized the lower level bands, 25 lbs or less don’t last 10 years.

Higher value bands 50 to 100 pounds rarely break (I bought a set of hundred pound ones when they first came out because they didn’t have them on the original machine and they still work fine). Soloflex is a great company and they make a great product, with the exception of replacing a couple of sets of 25,10 and 5 pound bands, I have had and used mine for 38 years with no issues.


SoloFlex was the genius idea of a great man Jerry Wilson. Yes he did say..."If your tough enough to wear them out we will replace them".

pertaining to the resistance bands. What Jerry did not say is...." Buy a SoloFlex in 1988.....Use it for 6 months.....continue to be a fat ***... Then 30 years latter... Pull your machine out of your crusty *** storage unit..

Where it has been sitting rusting and rubber does get brittle after 3 decades kids...Then call the company and try to get replacement straps... because you want to sell it at your garage sale next to your Poki-man card collection... or wait 30 years and find a blog....ANY blog and *** about the price that you paid for the machine in 1986"... Which by the way Jerry,,,,Marilyn,,,,Stuart....Connie,...,Molly...or...Brian...

Did not force you to pay... Its the price you chose to pay.....Now your all butt hurt over a 30 year old piece of rubber that you could make your self if you had half of the infectious drive that the Wilson family has.... Just because you don't look like the shirtless spokes model, because the only resistance type work-out you have been doing is trying to tear the *** Twinkies wrapper off for the last 3 decades... looking like you used your inheritance to buy a burger king so you could make your own double bacon Whopper looking ***.

I'll tell you this Mr. and Mrs. couch potatoes eating couch potatoes. The Wilson family will always be some of the most genuine, nicest, giving, caring people I have ever met.(I.E.) family basketball games at the house...I can say i am a Very proud owner of a 1986 SoloFlex Muscle Machine...

Every resistance band is in perfect working order... But here is the difference.... I've used mine almost every day since 1986.. And have kept very good care of my equipment......and my Solo-Flex...(LOL)..

I believe SoloFlex is a big reason I am a very successful business man today... i truly believe that, Not only did it make me feel good about myself... I look great.. and come across as someone that has had the pleasure of having the Wilson family and the SoloFlex muscle machine push me to the top of the cooperate ladder where i stand proudly today...

Oh yeah...I did make one minor change to my SoloFlex...Two years ago I had it gold plated.. You know.....Cause I could.....I'm just saying Go buy a trampoline next time you clown.......Thanks Jerry!!!!!!---- John Hobbs #soloflex #stopthewhining #stopeatingtwinkies #actuallyuseyoursoloflexyoufatass

@Natlie Bub

Have owned my Soloflex since the early 80s. It was good for what I purchased it for for many years (basic upper body resistance with no spotter required).

It was put aside for many years and I was thrilled to find out that resistance straps were still available after nearly 40 years.

There are limitations, but it has some good uses, not the least of which straps can be supplemented with plates (giving some resistance from initial movement of the bar). No complaints, then or now.

@Natlie Bub

Awesome machines. I have five of them bought at garage sales.

It is indestructible.

They are all in perfect condition. I use them everyday.

@Natlie Bub

Nice burn.


Hey there’s this thing called the internet. You can find many strap options.

How many product mfgs are even still around after 30 plus years? Go buy some used straps cheap and actually use the machine. Soloflex is one of the best workout machines ever made.

I have two, plus a Rockit. I’m 55 and ripped.


I never have a problem with Solo Flex Co. Shipped my parts no problems. LoL


I work out on soloflex for 20 years and only 3 bands break


Soloflex is great


The Soloflex with leg attachment and butterfly cost $1050 brand new in mid 1989.


Same thing, here. I still use my Soloflex, but I've converted completely over to free weights on it, now, since all the straps are busted and replacement straps are *** expensive.

I'm thinking of trying to figure out how to build an alternative resistance that uses the pegs that the straps go on, since if you put much weight on the leg extension, then the whole thing tips over when you are extended, since the center of gravity is screwed up on it. I guess I could clamp the machine to the floor.

Nice job dropping the ball on replacing the straps for life, Soloflex.

"If you're tough enough to wear them out, we'll replace them. For life." Sound familiar, Soloflex?


I agree wholeheartedly, bought mine also in the 80s, it just sets now as decor as I have gone to free weights. There has to be renegade company somewhere that could produce the straps at an affordable price. Oh well back to to my frees,,


Helpful blog post , Speaking of which , others want a VA DoT 763 , my boss filled out and esigned a blank form here http://goo.gl/zidkiE


2nd generation *** took the operations over from family, she is indifferent,bottom line and quick to tell you what it costs her company to *** out of your hard earned money for way way over priced weight bands, the heart of the original solo flex system....the bands suck, do not last, no matter what you do...and the cost of their machines was 1600 dollars for the base machine and the leg and chest attachments,....that was equal to 3000 dollars by to days standard if not more in the 1980's , any one who disputes that number is a *** and has no idea what the word inflation is or greed and corporate margin! I mailed worn and slip bands back to the company and they didn't even have the courtesy to return them after telling me they would not replace them for free or at discount.....! solo flex can kiss my ***....as i have seen many of their machines kicked to the curb over the years!


Your *** you have no idea what your talking about your just an *** soloflex is a great exercise machine


Also a counter rebuttal here, but in a different way. Yes, the straps are ridiculous in price and the shock cords even more so....you can make you own by buying the raw shock cord and a crimping tool.

But, even if you don't want to give Soloflex more of your money, they make extensions that fit in the bar and hold weights. These are really worth their weight in gold if you already have a machine. I converted mine over to olympic weight plates and haven't looked back. I even disassembled my power rack which took up twice the space in my home.

Now I lift iron at home safely without a spotter and do it in a very compact space on an unobtrusive machine that blends in well with the furniture. The cats use the pretty wooden bench for sleeping when I'm not using it.


$2000.00 in $1980 bogus!

You just sound like a real pain in the ***!

I paid around $1200.00 with the butterfly and leg attachment in the late 80's. Shipped Roadway to my curb.

I recall the weight straps had a 5 year warranty.

Now the warranty is 1 year.

I just ordered the Shock Rings because I've heard they are better. I will see for myself.

If you have a beef with a company be honest. You've lost all credibility and sound like a tool.


you sound like a lying hole who works for the company with incorrect cost figures,who propped a rebuttal for the MFG to protect a job or just your spotty fat ***....there was a life time on the straps before you showed up later in your life, ***, to exercise your fading memory. the leg attachment was 350 dollars alone.....you have a tool for a brain for buying into more of the same product from this company! Bullet heads like you are a dime a dozen and the reason why Solo Flex is still in business!


The $1200.00 price is accurate. I bought mine in 1988 for $1250 with a no interest payment plan, and that included the butterfly and leg curl-leg extension attachments.

The Soloflex bands are definitely the weak link in an otherwise good piece of equipment, but you can purchase after market bands as a reasonable cost effective replacement.....not the same but better than nothing.

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