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SN Servicing is just another servicer tied up with shellpoint new rez and the 4-5 other names the DBA. They have a person coming to take pictures of my home and then charge $13.50 ea.

Mo to my acct history, never once was I ever sent a statement, when I called u was put on hold for 47 min before I disconnected. They have filed deceptive evidence in court leaving out prior servicers account histories yet swearing that is what I owe. I had ask the to validate the debt, only to get a letter from shellpoint my prior servicer who defaulted my mortgage sent me to foreclosure after a breach of contract, illegitimate escrow shortages, saying I had not paid, yet all payments were on acct as unapplied payments only to reassign and reassign a note that hold no weight due to the I ital break in the chain of title. I have spent my life savings to save a home I have lived in for 20 years for them to say I owe more money than I originally bought the house for.

I can't take it anymore and unfortunately now know why people just walk away from thier homes while these people steal them right out from under you because they can admit fault. How do the people working for the servicers sleep at night your are all grimey amd makes sick. Five children two dogs and myself are going to be homeless because you steal homes for profit. I've been thru attys after attys for them to continue and keep continuing court cases..I can't do this anymore.

I have been screaming fraud since 2009 and now attus are even complacent and don't want to fight these things because it is straight up fraud punishable by imprisonment amd every on is scared of what may happen. Well idc anymore I'm calling every news channel in pa someone has to listen someone..this can not continue to be allowed

User's recommendation: Sell ur house.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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