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Joni YORK and Virgina Penchico denied reimbursement of funds issued to them for repairs to be made. The illegal denial and delay is forcing the Disabled homeowner to lose the home and become homeless through forcing foreclosue by their illegal deniels. They are unethical and illegal intentionally forcing homeowner into bankruptcy.

Location: Reading, Pennsylvania

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I am experiencing the same thing! They are the DEVIL!!

Blatantly and admittedly using deceptive practices, misconduct, fraud, and mis or redirection. They told me over the phone that their goal was to force me into foreclosure so they could get their investors into my property. I tried for months to work out a payment plan, file modification, offered them cash that I was holding which was over half of what I owed for 4 months and they purposely delayed, didn't respond, wouldn't answer and I don't even think they actually inquired to get it approved. They would not explain the accounting to me and it jumps thousands each month with no idea what is going on.

I stood on the court steps with my stock statements proving I have funds, and they did not care nor listen and sold my house in front of my face (with NO other buyers..... because they didn't have it listed per law so their investors get it as they promised). I have had to file bankruptcy and am still confused as to what I owe them and why. Once it is resolved, I am filing complaints and a suit (not that it seems to matter).

Wishing you the best! Advice - RUN FAST!

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In addition to the above situation, I have finally come to an insurance settlement to repair storm damages too. I did not realize that they hold the payment, they have not been involved in the years I have been working to get the repairs and estimates and finalize the settlement and when I told them about the damage and repairs needed, they did not care nor say they were supposed to "manage" it.

Then per reading multiple reports and suits of them not dispersing funds, in addition to the fact that I am in bankruptcy now to resolve the foreclosure they forced me into.....

I in NO way trust them with the settlement funds. I wouldn't trust them with ANYTHING!!!

Powell Dqg
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You could have for bankruptcy to keep the home u also could tried for grants to help pay but once youre 3mths behind they usually require payment in full or nothing

Nicole C Hup
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OOO POWELL DQG, You make it sound so easy, HOW WRONG YOU ARE! Grants are not for homeowners, that’s a lie the government tells you to make it look as if money in the budget or whatever is being used as it should be.

Bankruptcy only helps the very wealthy or very poor and SN Servicing and all its affiliates HAVE NOT GOT A CLUE ON HOW TO APPROPRIATE HIGH RISK MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENTS, refuse to see their errs and correct them amd once they realize their wrong they have already stopped accepting payment breeches contracts as well as fiduciary duties and began wrongful foreclosures, which carry a heavy settlements and fines and would bring attention to their *** ways therefore causing everyone they’ve managed to steal homes from to lodge suits against them and their big banks! So please mr grant amd bankruptcy is the answer, STOP BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM, educate yourself and stop your “sheep” way!

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