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So all this bs that was floating around Twitter for months about @smartertrader being a "con, scammer" etc I ignored and signed up with the chat service the first month at $999 and then again for the private at $399.

Sam is a nice person over the phone, I can tell he wants to help and wants you to make money. I can give him that, but caring and trading are 2 different things. Smartertrader can't get the trade right sometimes and that is where you can blow it up if you don't manage the account. I was told to manage the account and I did. Smartertrader at times , 1-3 times a week may have a good trade that does make money. But that was hard to find. I found the option trade service he runs : smartertrading411.com a bit shady as he doesn't post any trades, nor we don't know what happens to his Many bad trades. Kind of unreal.

After I stopped the service he did reach out to me. I just told him I was not interested at this time, and then he blocked me on TWTR!

Overall, you have to use stops on every trade as most are bad and the one's that are good you take an exit too fast. I would not recommend Smartertrader or Smarter411 or smartertrading411.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Smarter Trading 411 Binary Option Trading.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Post trades, post your losses , have some transparency.

Smarter Trading 411 Cons: Sam parikh is rude, Smartertrader inconsistent, Option trades, Sam runs a con game, Option service.

Location: Austin, Texas

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So many frauds in this industry. If Sam was such a great trader, why would he waste his time running a chatroom?

He could make way more just trading on his own. And if people think he's a kind soul doing it to "help" people, well, look at his prices. $400/m for the chatroom and $1000/m for morning calls? That's not someone doing it to help.

Those prices are prohibitively high for most people. Make no mistake, Sam is just trying to trick people into giving him money--he lives off of those subscription fees.

In my experience, the only people in this industry who truly want to help either do it for free. Take a moment and think about that.

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