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I was there on Christmas Eve at about 3:45 pm when they closed indoors at 4:00. .

I was eating in and had a to go order of 24 coneys. Because it was so close to closing I paid the whole bill right then. As this was for our holiday gathering that was later that evening the waitress asked if I would like everything separated. I thought that was a great idea so I said yes.

We were almost finished when the waitress put out to go order in the counter. It was after four when we finished and she reminded me to get the to go order. Before grabbing the bags I asked if everything was there, she assured me it was all there. .

So we took the bags and left. Around 8:00 pm we started putting out the food when we noticed there were no hotdogs! Although it was Christmas Eve, I knew no one would be there but I wanted to leave a message about this fiasco. They had a machine to tell me their hours but it did not take messages.

Christmas Day I was certain you were closed. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday I forgot to call right away. I called. later that week and was told it was too late, the batch had already been sent off.

The manager was a huge jerk to me telling me I should have brought the food back that day because thats what the sign on the drive through windows said blah, blah. I neither through the drive nor got home until after the drive through closed at 5:00 pm. These coneys were my 80 yo moms offering for our pot luck dinner on Christmas Eve. She was upset and embarrassed that she didnt bring anything to the table.

Anyway, my credit card company couldnt credit me the money because I signed the receipt saying I purchased that. I did purchase It but IT WAS NOT IN THE BAG! There was no need for me to check the bags, the waitress assured me it was all there. I guess Im out the $66,96 those coneys cost.

Whatever. Ill be going to Gold Star from now on!

User's recommendation: Check your bag before you leave because apparently they don’t believe a bunch of teenagers would ever make a mistake.

Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida

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Maybe go earlier for a bigger order. ????

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Agree. I’m wondering what else he ordered and what size his bag was. It would seem 24 missing hot dogs would be easy to see.

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