My husband and I decided to buy some gold and silver coins after his father passed. He was going to use his inheritance in the exchange.

We went looked around at this shop and decided to make a purchase in cash. He paid up front but we were going to have to wait on our gold coins because they had to order for us. We were told they could ship them to us through UPS.

When the order arrived at our home only a partial order was shipped but we were told the whole order had been shipped.

We were missing $20,000 in gold coins. Everyone we tried get to help us just would tell us it was our word against theirs. This shop is very well known. SILVERTOWN in Winchester,Indiana.

We were cheated out of the coins we had already purchased. That's right not twenty dollars, two hundred dollars but TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS that we had already given cash for. Wrap your brain around that one,.

We were told it was just our word against theirs. Be aware!

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Location: Anderson, Indiana

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the weight of the packaging from the shipper would clear up the matter if coins were missing.


The carrier would know exactly what was in that package by the weight of it.


Should have called and ordered directly from silvertowne. You were ripped off by the dealer and should have got the FBI involved.

Sounds kind of slanderous against a company that is able to sell I RA approved items. Just remember that coin dealers are worse than used car dealers.

I live in the middle of the woods in Vermont and even I know better, shame on you for blaming the company! Call the FBI!


Why would you not get insurance for such a large purchase? Bet there is one happy ups guy out there with 20000 in gold.

Or someone that took it off his truck when he was delivering someone else's package. Just cuz it didn't show dosent meen Silvertown was to blame. Also why no reciept?

*** just don't add up! Lmao


Why wouldn't you have a receipt stating the amount of gold you purchased? I would think that you would have sign for an amount like that?

I certainly hope you wouldn't sign without counting it first. I'm just curious bc I have been thinking about going over a selling some coins.


You ***. You never pay for something like that in advance.

It's like paying the roofman in advance when he's roaming your neighbor. An expensive lesson.


That is why all my silver & gold purchases are done in person. If I get screwed I'm going to jail for the ruckus that I will cause


Scams beware. I was cheated out of an order I made and they said I would receive order in 3days.

It never showed. When I called silverTowne they acted like they didn't know who I was!


You have to be suffering from retardation or excessive drug abuse if you expect anyone to believe this story!


Why did you pay cash upfront and then accept delivery to your home? You should have asked Silvertowne to have them delivered to their store and arrange a pickup time for you.

Or you could have paid only for what Silvertowne could supply at that moment and agree to buy more when they had more stock.

Lastly, you could have invested your money in *** and sold it for a quick profit. Your loss for being an ***.


It's easy to tell if you been screwed you have to look at the original shipping weight and figure out what it should have weighed !!