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I am from Las Vegas, NV. and bought a car from Siamak’s Car Company:

I found a vehicle that I was seriously interested in at Siamak’s Car Company of 777 Arney Rd. Woodburn, OR. 97071 – Phone 503-982-7700.

I called and asked the receptionist to please put me on the phone with what he considered to be the best salesperson they had – Don came on the line and was ready to handle my every request. He told me absolutely everything I wanted to hear – truck is in perfect condition, excellent shape for having 34K miles, no dents, dings, chips, tires are like new, interior is perfect, etc. He even talked me out of buying another vehicle in similar condition that I found in Georgia – explaining how they had a better vehicle and all the good reasons why I should buy this truck from them even though it was more money.

“Perfect” sounded good to me, so I took his advice and made a $5000 down payment over the telephone to hold the vehicle while I made arrangements to get there. I scheduled a flight and I was there the next day. Don and his brother picked me up at the airport – we arrived at the dealership 30 minutes later.

When I arrived at the dealership my truck was still in the back of the lot. It appeared that they were not very well prepared to finalize my transaction. After a short while, Don brought the truck up to the front lot where I could see it and take it for a test drive. Upon initial inspection, the exterior of the truck was dirty there were several dents, scratches and dings not mentioned over the telephone and certainly not addresses in any pics.

When I pointed the few discrepancies I found, immediately Don got pretty quiet and told me “it is a used vehicle and some stuff can be expected”. I understood that but that was not what he told me on the phone the day before.

I immediately felt pressured to think that my $5000 deposit was at risk if I did not go through with the transaction. I felt as though even if I pushed the issue, I might get the deposit back but, at minimum, I was going to be out at least a flight to and from Portland ($600), more than likely a 30 minute taxi ride back to the airport ($50 or more), not to mention missing a full day of work ($700). So, I decided not to push it and we went for a test drive.

When I test drove the vehicle I mentioned the clutch sounding and feeling strange – Don said it felt fine to him…I mentioned this to the finance person and he said, “maybe you can persuade the dealer in Las Vegas to replace the clutch because it’s not covered under the warranty - as a wearing item”. However, the truck is still under 36 month 36K mile warranty and 5 Year 60K mile drive train warranty.

Fast forward: After a 1000 mile ride back to Las Vegas – I took the truck to the auto body shop the next day: this is when I found out it had been in a previous accident in the right front fender (not disclosed on a Car Fax nor in any conversation leading up to the sale of the vehicle) the right front fender was replaced with an aftermarket fender that did not fit properly and the left rear bumper into quarter panel area not repaired (no mention of this on the Car Fax either). All of the body and paint work totaled $2100 out of my pocket to repair this – it took 2 weeks. The day the body shop was finished, I drove the truck straight to the Nissan dealer to address the clutch noise, the driveshaft had to be replaced (and it was not covered as it was out of the 36 month warranty) the truck was there another 2 weeks and to the tune of $746.

After all of this, I finally received a check from Siamak’s for the DMV registration and taxes as they required me to finance these fees according to their finance department. I specifically requested they send the title to the closest DMV to my residence and told them definitely do not send it to the Sahara DMV. They sent the title paperwork to the wrong DMV (the Sahara DMV) and then wrote all over the endorsement area of the check, as a result of this, DMV would not accept it.

I called and spoke with the General Manager at Siamak’s…he said the vehicle was used and maybe it looked “perfect” to the Don, where it may not look “perfect” to another person, like me - he was unwilling to do anything to resolve any of the above mentioned situations, except issuing a new DMV check once they receive the check I mailed back to them. I even asked to have him pay only half of the body, paint and mechanical repairs, as a gesture of fairness for all parties, in which he declined to do so!


Siamak’s is selling previously wrecked vehicles that are not repaired by certified or qualified repair facilities and are definitely not repaired properly.

Siamak’s business ethics are shady at best! Heed my advice and you will be glad you did!

If I had read some of the reviews I’ve seen today, I would not have purchased a vehicle from this company. I could’ve bought a new truck for what I now have invested in this 2010 model with 35K miles on it.

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Dec 09, 2016 #1252616 Salem, Oregon, United States

You may have bad buying experiences from a salesman or a salesman have had bad experiences with you. That's why you didn't buy the car from there and he's no longer working there.
All that has happened may not have anything to do with the dealership.

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Dec 09, 2016 #1252597

We're live in Seattle and have found a Chevrolet Sonic 2014 has 46k for only $ 8,995 on Siamak's lot. We sent email to Siamak's sales staff. Le Champion's replying"our price are very flexible, why don't you came down test drive it see if you even like it". We came down the next day test drove the car, we liked it. Le negotiating with his manager to get $500.00 off for us. We are very happy to drive home with 2 vehicles. Thank you Le Champion who gave us great service and buying experiences.

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Dec 09, 2016 #1252587

We drove 300 miles with a 518 Credit Score to Siamak's Car Company where we have bought our last pick up from. 6 other dealerships told us to take a hike. When we pulling in Siamak's lot Le came out greeted us. We told to Le our situations. Le asked me to go test 2 trucks. My friend picked a truck, didn't know that we still have choices but Le and Masood are sticking out for our loan. 1 hour later, our loan has approved we went home with another truck. If you have bad credit go see Le Champion and tell to him your situations. He will tell you what you need to do to be able to buy a car. He can help.

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Dec 02, 2016 #1248834 Salem, Oregon, United States

If a salesman lying it makes the dealership to becomes a bad dealership. So You have never been lying nor your brother and sister that's why you don't write about your family. Right?

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Dec 02, 2016 #1248832 Salem, Oregon, United States

My families and friends are having good buying experiences from Siamak's Car Company. You can find a very good vehicles on his lot for less than $10,000.

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Jd Garbinson

Dec 02, 2016 #1248815 Salem, Oregon, United States

My best friend Justin was a first buyer and he's only can afford $5,000 car. He has been shopping for a month, but as a result he bought a 09 Kia Spectra has only 56k, just likes showroom condition for only $5,700, His payments only $156.00 that including 30,000 miles peace of mind warrant. You can find an excellent vehicles on Siamak's lot pricing at $5,000 to $10,000 all day long.
Without Mr Champion's help Justin wouldn't find the car for that's good of a deal and condition. Great job Le Champion!
We will be looking for you when we are in the market for newer vehicles.

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Nov 21, 2016 #1244172 Salem, Oregon, United States

If you are shopping for pre-owned vehicles, go to Siamak's Car Company on Market Street ask for Le Champion.
He's a good salesman to buy from.

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Nov 21, 2016 #1244131 Salem, Oregon, United States

I am sorry to have read bad reviews from many companies. There is a bad salesperson in every company as it is the same there is a bad person in every corners of the earth. You may have bad experience with one particular salesperson, it doesn't make its company is a bad company. Have you called and asked where is Don whom you used to dealt with today?

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Sep 11, 2016 #1211345

So you make $700 a day but need to travel states away to buy a used vehicle sight unseen?

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Feb 18, 2016 #1113698

No matter how you see it. The dealer never heard from the customer. The fact that the customer took a substantial amount of time to actually bring up the issues doesn't make sense. I've dealt with this company as a buying customer, may I point out I had issues with my car when I got it but brought it to they're attention immediately they handled it with total professionalism. As a business owner I don't see the need to voice your opinion and put a bad rep on s company when you had the time and the opportunity to voice yourself before hand.

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Jan 20, 2015 #933726 Portland, Oregon, United States

I agree with you ! the same excuse about my car not being cleaned and seviced. they must train the salesmen the same line for all vehicle sales.
also delays on paper work after the fact of car sale.

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Jul 20, 2015 #1009933 Salem, Oregon, United States

Dear Screwed, I agree with you on one point. Their salesman need to be trained the difference between a lie and honesty. They have no clue

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Apr 15, 2014 #805375 Englewood, Colorado, United States

DO NOT BUY A CAR AT SIAMAK'S! The general manager (Dennis) is a sleazy, lying used-car salesperson. He lied and said we were approved on the purchase of a specific vehicle and made an appointment for what we thought was to sign papers. We got there and found out we were "approved" but for $10,000 less than the price of the specific vehicle we wanted. He then tried "bait and switch", which didn't work. When we were done and walking, Dennis buttonholed a 23-year-old single girl and yelled, waved his hands, said it was "too much truck for her" and violated PRIVACY LAWS -- and just common business courtesy -- by discussing her personal business out on the sales floor. NEVER AGAIN. GOOD TO KNOW THEY LIE ABOUT THE CONDITION OF THEIR VEHICLES, TOO.
I am in sales and know the basic tenents of sales: you draw more "flies" with "honey". Treat one customer exceptionally well and with respect, telling them you can't do the deal they wanted, respectfully, and that truth is easily accepted. You will have referral after referral after referral. Burn 2 customers at once and you can multiply it x7, x7, x7 and so on.

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Jul 20, 2015 #1010019

Dear Anonymous , I agree with you Dennis Totton treated everyone poorly but thankfully he was never the general manager and is no longer with Siamaks Car Company

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Siamak's Car Company

May 05, 2013 #646381 Portland, Oregon, United States

Mr. Tim Deal bought a used Nissan Frontier from us in March of 2013. He negotiated a very aggressive deal over the phone and we agreed on a figure that was well below his so called "monetary loss of $25,000". He asked us to arrange financing for him and he stated he would put $5000 as a down payment. Prior to flying up to Oregon we collected his down payment via credit card over the phone and parked his truck in the back lot so no other customer could look at it.
When Mr. Deal arrived he inspected and test drove the vehicle, and made no mention of any issues he had with the condition of the vehicle. He was offered an extended service contract by the finance manager and he declined because he works on motorcycles for a living and didn't feel it was necessary. Again he made no mention of any cosmetic or mechanical concerns he may have had.
The 2010 Nissan Frontier Mr. Deal purchased was inspected by our technicians and we did not find any evidence the vehicle had been in a collision as is backed up by the Carfax vehicle history report that Mr. Deal was provided.
Don described the vehicle accurately to Mr. Deal and told him the vehicle was in great condition for a 3 year old truck with 34k miles. Don understood Mr. Deal was flying in from Nevada and didn't want the customer to show up expecting a flawless vehicle. While it is difficult to manage a customer's personal expectations we strive to under promise and over deliver.
To our knowledge Mr.
... Show more

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Jul 20, 2015 #1009930

More lies from Siamak's management. Do not believe a word they say

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Dec 13, 2015 #1078187

We all know you Dealers buy from Auctions like Brashers. Save yourself and buy at Brashers.

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