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I bought several gallons of Sherwin Williams most expensive and supposidly best paint (over $60 a gallon). It was called "Emerald" and have had the worst experience I have ever had with paint. I had to put on three coats to get it to an acceptable sheen. This paint does not dry with a consistent sheen, it leaves obvious roller marks. They said it was because it was a dark color (dark green, retreat), but I've used other dark colors of far cheaper paint and did not have any problems.

While they where a little helpful, they said it was my roller and gave me a new roller cover. I used it and put it on heavier and with the 3rd coat it was better. I still had another wall and not enough paint for a 3rd coat and I asked for another quart to try to make it right. They agreed but said "this is the last thing they can do, this has to end somewhere"

It has ended, I just won't buy Sherwin Williams products again. Consumer Reports rates thier paint (Duration $60/gal) near the bottom of the list and Behr's Ultra plus ($33/gal) as the 2nd best satin interior paint. I should thank them, since they probably saved me a lot of money as I am repainting most of the rooms in my house this winter.

Good by Sherwin Williams.

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100 of 110 Sherwin Williams reviews

Feb 25, 2016 #1117918

I am having huge problems with the Emerald paint. I rolled 2 coats on top of existing latex paint. The Emerald is blistering and peeling off, the sales guy says that I must have done something wrong. I've used SWP since th 1970s, I will never buy their products again.

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Nov 19, 2015 #1066391

DIY should of hired a contractor.

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Oct 17, 2014 #885842

Haha! You don't know what you are doing.

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Honked off painter

Sep 22, 2014 #873771

Emerald paint for the price is garbage! I am a pro painter and have used everything imaginable. Paint and primer in one?! B.S. I have NEVER had to apply four coats of paint in my life. (Over 30 years of painting) Dark red over pink. After doing a bathroom with it I ran out of what should have been plenty to finish a small laundry room. Instead of buying mor of this *** I broke down and bought Benjamin Moore's Aura paint. Covered in one coat. I repeat ONE coat. I would love to work side by side with anyone that likes Emerald int. satin paint. I will prove to them they are clueless. Enough said.

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Jul 13, 2015 #1007221

I agree its overpriced trash !

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Oct 08, 2015 #1045125 Houston, Texas, United States

Believe it, this paint is definitely not for the contractor. Been doing this for fifteen years and never had to apply four coats of paint to cover. Who wants to do that no matter how good its supposed to hold up, not to mention how much the customer has to spend.

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May 19, 2016 #1161876

"Dark red over pink"- This scenario calls for gray primer. I made the mistake once of using dark red paint (Behr) over builder's white. I got a reasonably good finish after 3 coats and found out later that a gray primer was required and the Home Depot paint department rep forgot to remind me.
Every paint maker has bad batches once in a while. Often it's just user error.

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Apr 12, 2014 #804386

I totally agree and am p***** as to the poor quality of this Emerald paint. I will never use this again. I expect someone from Sherwin Williams to come straighten out the mess that this has made. I had the room looking great and decided to use the Emerald paint as I have spinal cord disease and wanted something that would last. It took me a month to do this room only to have it ruined at the end. I have painted with possibly over 30 gallons of SW paint since before purchasing this home and have NEVER had a mess like this. I reprepped the walls initially thinking it was a wall problem. NO! IT IS A PAINT PROBLEM. I wish I had checked out the website first. But, I had such good luck with SW in the past I just trusted them. No more. It is time to leave this company.

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Not a Fan

Aug 25, 2013 #706606 Versailles, Kentucky, United States

I agree that SW paints are *** - but for a different reason. Every time I use it, Duration/Emerald - i have to pick gelatinous globs off the wall. What I believe is happening is that the paint is drying on the now plastic lids, mixing with the paint when shaken and floating around in the can and landing on the wall. I just spent the afternoon picking globs off the wall as I painted - for the last time with SW paint, BTW!!!

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Aug 12, 2013 #698086 Temecula, California, United States

Just some facts: Sherwin-Williams Co., manufacturer and distributor of architectural coatings since 1866. 3,520 neighborhood paint stores throughout the US. The Fortune 500 company is on pace to mark its third straight year of record sales and profits and become a $10 billion company. Sherwin-Williams' shares on the New York Stock Exchange have more than doubled in price since the beginning of 2012, from $91 then to $188.53 most recently. Currently, Sherwin-Williams manufactures and markets their products not only to the architectural market but also to the Industrial, Chemical Coatings, Marine, and Automotive to mention a few. Their products are sought after for use on Naval Ships, bridges, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, schools, amusement parks, and on and on. Very recently, Emerald was used to give The Hollywood Sign a very needed face lift. And we all know that Hollywood takes their face lifts very seriously. My point? We're talking paint here, not rockets. Any company with integrity and the capabilities to manufacture paint can do so without the risk of launching a dud to the extent being described here. This includes Behr and Benny Moore. I have to ask the question: Why would anyone with any sense at all pay twice for a paint (Emerald) that to them is unproven over one (Behr) that has Consumer Reports' second best satin finish rating? My sense would tell me to stay with what someone's telling me is near the top or go to the top (whatever Consumer Reports rated).... Show more

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Green Lantern Painter

Jun 01, 2014 #822671

I am a pro painter. I will never trust what consumer reports says about anything because any pro painter will tell you that Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore are the very best paints. Behr paint sucks soo bad that I wouldn't put it on my worst enemie's house. Whatch it fade after a couple years outside. Have fun painting 5 coats on something that should cover in 1. Have fun trying to man handle that *** with a brush.

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Jul 12, 2013 #679390 Holtsville, New York, United States

I agree. We just bought a house. Bought tons of paint. Every room we paint including the ceiling paint from them left roller marks. And everyone that disagrees assumes everyone is a professional painter. I am not. I've used home depot paint before and never had this problem.

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Apr 17, 2013 #638691

You guys might need to learn how to paint...I used SW's Cashmere for the longest time, and occasionally Duration for areas that needed more wash-ability ie bathrooms, kitchens. I have now replaced Cashmere with the Emerald. Both products are as thick as need be and go on super smooth, I have never had any problems with either product. I have used Aura before and it's not any better, plus unless you know someone at Ben Moore, you will always pay the list least SW does 30% sale around once a month with the 40% off once every few months.

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May 19, 2016 #1161885

Good advice. I used to deal with Benny Moore as a contractor in New England. Once I got to Florida, the local Ben Moore dealer thought they'd grace me with a whopping 5% off retail. Wow! Thanks(sarcasm) That's what drove me to Sherwin Williams. Now that Ben Moore dealer's several locations (privately owned) have gone the way of the Dodo. No big loss. I try to stick with Sherwin Williams Better products, from Super Paint on up. Their Cashmere did a great job covering in one coat.

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Also agree with pissed

Apr 11, 2013 #635976

I painted all of the rooms in my house in the last two months. I used SW Duration and Emerald. I also used BM Aura and Pro Spec. In order of what I would use again, Aura, Pro Spec, Duration and Emerald. After using BM, I find all of SW paints to be very thin, but the Emerald was not only thin, it left roller marks and brush strokes than none of the other paints left. Very frustrating for such a high priced paint.

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Agree with pissed!

Mar 02, 2013 #616837

Had same dreadful experience w/ SW Emerald paint in July 2012. Used their best primer(tinted to match) on new dry wall (cleaned 1st). Horrible uneven, roller tracks. Tried 2nd & 3rd coats w/ brush , same horrible result. Eventually tried sanding it off, impossible to smooth out. Oddly enough it easily gouges thru paint down to dry wall if bumped w/ fingernail.
SW sales guy asked if I used special roller when applying it...1st I'd heard of that. He will be out next week to decide how they will fix this @ their expense! :(

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pro painter

Feb 02, 2013 #602972 Gig Harbor, Washington, United States

first off let me say, sorry that you feet this way. Now for the truth first off if you read on the can you can only get 350 to 400 square feet out of the can so you said you were trying to do 600sqf? not going to happen not with any paint even the paint that comes from the orange box store that says paint and primer in one. on that can it says 400sqf. so to me you watered the paint down or cut the paint to cheapen the cost to you so you make more profit. second you said you bought sevral gallons of this paint but only lost 60 dollars that is the second BS flag. and you mention that it drys with a uneven sheen and you can see roller marks. That is a mark of a person that has cut the paint to thin it out. So you changed the property of the paint. I have used this product. I have painted over 3,230 square feet with this product and it is great stuff.

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Sep 21, 2013 #719902 Port Washington, Wisconsin, United States

Agreed with you pro painter! And I am not a pro. Use paint as directed. Never alter the property of the paint.

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