3003 Boardwalk Ave, Marina, CA 93933, USA
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We toured a Shea Homes community currently being built in Monterey County. It's called The Dunes.

The homes were lovely and we considered getting pre-approved for a Beach House model. However, after doing some online research, including this site, we've decided against it. NO WAY are we willing to gamble with such an investment. Sure, some homes are likely fine.

But others? You can only go on a builder's past performance, reputation, and accountability. Shea's workmanship sounds spotty to downright negligent! We have worked and saved too much to take a chance.

Sorry to the homeowners who are enduring their nightmares. It's terribly unfair and I hope you get justice.

Reason of review: Lawsuits and complaints.

Shea Homes Cons: Buyers complaints.

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