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It has come to my attention that when you buy a home from a company that they would back what they tell you. Well when it comes to customer service Shea homes has none .

I had some work that was written in writting to be done, well because I waited longer than they wanted me to they told me that they will not honor there agreement.

well I spoke to everyone all the way to the CEO and still they told me that they back there employees even though they were wrong!! I would not buy from shea homes ever again....

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I feel your pain...shea home quality is bad and is everything you said..dont buy it.


Bought a Shea Home in May 2012; Warranty issues were brought to Shea's attention, it is now October and issue still not resolved. Specifically, we upgraded the kitchen package and Shea installed an incorrect hood vent; we brought this to Shea's attention from day one when we took acceptance of the house and now Shea comes back and said that we agreed to substitute the hood.

We asked for documentation and Shea's reply was "it was verbally discussed and approved".

Another frustrating thing is there is little to none accountability from Shea's Customer Service - they send Trades out to make repair with no supervision and expects the homeowner to be home and babysit the Trades. After spending close to $450K on a Shea Home and going through this experience - not likely to buy another Shea Home or would recommend anyone to buy a Shea Home.

to ATrinh, Eastvale, California. Los Angeles, California, United States #637287

Has Shea resolved any of the list problems yet? We are looking at a Shea home in a new development in Rancho Mission Viejo.


I have a Shea home and it has been a complete nightmare. Walls are not level/straight, upstairs shower not properly constructed; causing water damage in roof above living room and now columns and overhang on front porch you can see was built at a slant causing unnessary build up of water and rotting columns. Not what you would expect for a $300k house!



Our customer service department would be happy to discuss this issue with you. Please contact us at customerservice@sheahomes.com

to Shea Homes #589053

I was thinking about buying one of your Calif homes but now I'm not sure

to tmarc Antioch, California, United States #1263656

Did you ever buy? I'm considering a purchase as well in Northern California.

After reading all this..

I'm not sure either. This is scary.

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