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Update by user Apr 27, 2018

I received phone call from Salesperson today. Our home was sold and we will get 40k of our 45k.

I am saddened but relieved. I took a lot of time and thought in making the selections for our home. There are many features of the neighborhood that cannot be duplicated.

As plan B evolves, we have looked at other homes in the area and still compare against Shea. It is difficult to get the options we chose with the square footage at a better price in a 55+ neighborhood

Original review posted by user Apr 10, 2018

Unfortunately, my partner and I looked at Triology at Ocala without a realtor to look out for our best interests. My partner is Spanish speaking and his English dialect is not as broad as he thinks.

We wanted to purchase a house with cash: sale of his house and me maneuvering funds from rentals. What an agent would have advised would have been to enter into a contingent contract to protect our deposit. We were naïve and thought if things did not work out with the sale or we could change our mind and go for a mortgage. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

My partner and his ego thought he had control of everything. He listed his home too late to close on the closing date and then mortgage attempts revealed a foreclosure that had another 90 days before discharge. Taking money from investment accounts would have added 60-70k in taxes. Shea had already shown the home to potential buyers.

We still had to go through the walk through and finalize. The home was already sold to someone else. We could not close on 3/30 as agreed. They told us if anyone offered to purchase, we would have the first right of refusal and we could use the 45k for a future purchase....

Well, I guess I should have requested that in writing. No response to email at all. Looks like Shea scored a homerun. Sucker prospective buyer into a contract that is difficult to fulfill, keep the downpayment and sell it to someone else.

It would have been nice to get a return email. Sales staff are trying to save their jobs and will say anything if it meets the company goals. The home is nice and the neighborhood is appealing but the sales staff is misleading. This is not the place to go without an attorney or realtor.

I made an request for corporate to contact me. Let see how this goes

Product or Service Mentioned: Shea Homes Home Buying.

Reason of review: true interpretation of contract and consequences.

Monetary Loss: $45000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Shea Homes Pros: House plans.

Shea Homes Cons: Lack of accountability, No integrity.

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It seems quite possible that this is illegal. If they had actually lost $45K due to your failure to purchase, then OK.

But, if they turned around and sold the house for the same price without incurring additional costs, then they have mitigated any damages that were caused by your failure to close. One would think that in that circumstance they might have to give your deposit back.

But, that may be completely wrong -- perhaps there is a liquidated damage clause or something that allows this. Regardless of legality, it certainly seems immoral.


This seems to be the modus operandi of Shea Homes. There is a pattern (RICO?) here that needs to be referred to your local FBI office.

They deal with all financial scams and will qualify your complaint.

You are not the only one. Go asap.


Received a phone call from our salesperson today. The issue has been resolved.

I am relieved but heartbroken as I chose all of the selections/options in the home with great care and planning.

Even though we had to look at other new homes in other neighborhoods, this was truly a great home and difficult to beat at this price point.I can honestly say, the issue is RESOLVED. Thanks Shea Homes


The resolve is a 45k loss that I will just have to accept. I am honestly say that my partner did not understand that he should have taken the contingency offer.

Unfortunately, he and I assumed the salesperson would Advise us of pitfalls to avoid.

We just needed an outside realtor with this sale. We were taken advantage of by hungry and eager sales staff who didn’t care about us: future residents.


did anything get resolved??


Update: I received a phone call from customer service in Calif. after I posted on their website.

They were very quick to respond. She seemed sympathetic to my loss of 45k. There was no transparency with sales staff. In the meantime, we received a release to sign.

A 10 hour right of refusal and an agreement to give Shea our $45k as they sell to another buyer if we don't purchase in 10 days.(double bonus for Shea). The part where we could use the 45k on a future purchase was not in the release.

I was promised a phone call from the Ocala sales manager the next day. So far, no callIt should not be this difficult to buy your last house.

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