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Its been 3 months since we bought and moved into our new home in Brookland at Baker Ranch. Sales and mortgage was an outstanding experience but what a drastic difference when it comes to customer service. The isssue with Shea's customer service is there service mentality that is instilled in their employee from the top down. The customer does NOT come first and DON'T do what is right for the customer!

We could see what kind of service we were going to get after a couple walkthrough with Dean M. (customer service rep assgned to Brookland). It is hard to believe the customer service mentality Dean has to serving his customers. He is willing to say pretty much say anything to not fix an issue. For example we fought hard to get the cabinets to get fixed so that it looks decent and presentable and it took 3 attempts. Our cabinets had excessive patches for holes inside the cabinents. It looked like the cabinet installer was installing for the first time and didn't know where to screw in the cabinets to secure it to the wall. In fact Dean told us that they had gone through 2 cabinet companies already. Dean told us that it was hard for Shea to find the cheapest vendor to the do the work! And to compromise on worksmanship, Dean justify the poor quality and worksmanship by telling us "we didn't buy a $1 million dollar new home and that it was expected"! We were shocked to hear this after having bought our NEW home. A good company with good products does not compromise on quality or worksmanship based on price. We had issues also with the base shoe that was done by the cabinet company. Shea finally sent the vendor to fix it but did a a shotty job at it. There base shoe had a gab because it was cut too long. Dean saw it and the vendor saw it. But instead of fixing it (even when the vendor is standing right there already and was the one who did a crappy job), Dean just simply said it was in tolerance levels and begins to pull out nickel to measure. I have never witnessed such a stubborn mentality and unwillingness to do the right thing for the customer when RESOURCES IS STANDING RIGHT THERE. There was another incident with involving a joint valve for the main water line. Again Dean shows unwillingness to help out the customer and even listen to reason or data being provided to the cause of the issue.

As I said in the beginning, Shea's customer lack of customer service stems and is instilled into their employee from the top down. I know this first hand because I wrote to the Directory of customer service, Matthew H. I wrote to Matthew detailing the issues with the base shoe, valve joint and lack of customer service from Dean. Matt wrote back indicating that the decision were all made based policy and standards. Matt failed to see the situation and what has transpered versus what is black and white. It is pretty clear where Dean's service mentality comes from and will continue to provide sub par service unless the management mentality changes.

My wife has bought 2 new homes from Lennar and said she never received such poor customer service from Lennar. In hindsight, we would have done things differently and gotten these items fixed before we closed as part of the purchase contingency. You are stuck once you closed escrow and Shea knows it and this is why the customer service is the way it is. So if you plan to purchase from Shea, do a thorough walkthrough and get the items to be fixed in your purchase agreement and ensure it gets done before you close escrow.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree with you. We are home shopping in the Charlotte area.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent myself I am NOT impressed with Shea sales team.

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