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We installed Shaw's vinyl plank on our lower living area and it scratched the first day. I moved a wood rocker a few inches.

Shaw's customer service told me to buy a stain pen from a hardware store and that will cover them. Wrong. This is vinyl-not wood-so that doesn't work. We have a different vinyl plank upstairs in our master.

It is Armstrong-NOT Shaw-and it hasn't scratched yet. It was installed over a year ago. There were also big gaps between random planks that showed the white section of the product. The installer had to use stain and a Q-Tip to cover it.

This worked because the white section of the plank is a wood product. The product also doesn't snap together very well between the ends. Maybe if we glued it down, it would have looked better.

I wouldn't recommend this product for rooms you actually live in, only places where you would never move the furniture. So, this flooring isn't very practical.

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