I have had several experiences with Shane Co over the last 15 years. First, bought an engagement ring years ago and things didn't work out (thank goodness!).

3 years later, I was able to return the ring and get full retail credit towards a new ring for my now wife of 11 years. We have had zero quality issues, no loose stones, the ring still looks amazing and we get free cleanings/inspections anytime.

I purchased diamond stud earrings for my wife. After a few years, she lost the back of one of them and Shane replaced it for free. The stud was also bent a little and they fixed that for free.

My wedding band came from there.

It was in my truck, which was stolen and the ring never recovered.

The insurance company compensated me and Shane replaced it at cost, stating they wouldn't want to make money off my loss.

I have purchased a few other items from them over the years and have never had any quality issues. They have always been courteous and helpful and I know first-hand they stand behind their product and warranty.


Location: Marietta, Georgia

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