My wife & I hadn't gone to the Shakey's Pizza Buffet in a long time because of covid & my immune system Not being so good. We couldn't wait until it was safe enough to go & were both really looking forward to it.

We figured it was finally safe to eat at buffets so we finally went to Shakey's on my day off for lunch. We happened to had just gotten a couple of big sodas from elsewhere & thought it would had been safe to take inside. The manager was very rude about it & instead of politely explaining about there policy with us bringing in sodas, he was rude & said like a smartaleck that Shakey's isn't like a park & that we can't just bring in anything that we wanted. I then said that he was rude & that he lost our business & that I'd like to speak to the manager.

Sadly then the guy then said that he was the manager. I then told him that he wasn't a good manager & I walked out with my wife.

User's recommendation: Hopefully you get a manager that acts like a real manager.

Location: Norwalk, California

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