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Senex Services of Indianapolis Indiana is a collection Agency contracted by Community Medical Center in Freehold New Jersey. I paid a past due medical bill for my daughter in full to the hospital directly.

I provided proof of payment multiple times to Senex Services via fax and regular mail and I continue to get threatening letters and it remains on my credit report. My proof of payment is ignored. I need the open balance closed on my credit report.

Ive asked them to contact the hospital directly if they do not like my receipts. I am ignored and I am frustrated.

Location: Freehold Township, New Jersey

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I had a very similar problem with Senex. They screwed up my credit and they were to blame.

I've documented my story at sexcosucks.wordpress.com If you have has similar problem please drop me a comment. I'm working on a law suit and would be happy to add other injured parties.




Senex Services is incompetent. They screwed up my credit when I was trying to pay them. I sent them a letter and tried calling the numbers listed on the collection letter (which was a hospital mistake to start off with), but the numbers all lead to a voice mail that was full.

I am considering a lawsuit.

Please see my full story here: https://senexcosucks.wordpress.com/

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