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It looks like I have another bad story about SeedSupreme. I had been ordering from them with reasonable success from what now allegedly appears to be another fly by night *** ripoff seed company.

I purchased 16 Grandaddy Purple seeds from SeedSupreme late last year and have subsequently tried to germinate them all as follows:

I attempted to germinate the seeds in three (3) different ways over the course of several weeks: In soils directly In cup of ph neutral water In moistened paper towel

A total of sixteen (16) seeds were attempted, all resulting in zero germination.

This is highly unusual and made me suspect that a large number of these seeds may be duds. Typically I would expect at least some of the seeds would germinate.

Cannabis seeds, in my experience, have often been a roll of the dice with respect to seed quality, germination success and ultimately, an adult female plant. Im usually satisfied if at least some of the seeds I purchase germinate. Unfortunately that was not the case here.

I attempted to develop some resolve with the company over the matter but they ultimately informed me that that would not be offering any type if refund or replacement because of the time frame.

I guess their response, while not unexpected from unscrupulous cannabis seed companies, is consistent with what has been reported about SeedSupreme. Their guarantees appear worthless as are their seeds.

Dont buy from this company!

User's recommendation: Don't Buy from SeedSupreme.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Enosburg Falls, Vermont

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they were right to deny any support after such a time frame. this 'review' sounds like a cheap attempt to extort free seeds.

good to hear it didnt work out for you. this kind of content shouldnt be allowed.

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