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Everything he tells you is a lie, do not buy anything from him. I complained to eBay, he still sells on eBay. He will not honor his sales contract.

Seaside Aviation Cons: Not honest.

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Hello Everyone, This review was brought to my attention yesterday. Firstly, I have no idea who this is or what airplane this person is referring to.

I would be happy to expound on this review but since the person left no identifying info its pretty hard to say anything. I try my hardest to accomodate every customer but there are times when you just cant make people happy. I am very pro-customer service and am not dishonest at all. As Ive stated in the other review its hard to combat someone trying to be a tough guy hiding behind a computer.

Anyone and everyone are invited to call me anytime to discuss this posting or just call for information. Thanks, Chris Cantara, Seaside Aviation LLC 207-329-****


Chris you a not telling the truth, if I don’t get my deposit back I will be in touch with the police in your town and I have already spoken to them and I will have a warrant sworn out for your arrest for fraud and you will no longer be taking advantage of people anymore

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