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by charity f Qnv #109559

How can I order your Schweppes grape ginger ale? .

Please help or at least tell me who to call.

I lived in Maine fell in love with your grape ginger ale product then moved to Indiana and can't find it anywhere except online at sodafinder.com they charge almost 8 dollars for 1 2liter and that doesn't include the tax to ship it which is outrages. Please help me it shouldn't be so hard to get your product. I've asked all our vendors around here and they say they can't get it.at this rate I'd rather pay 3 or 4 dollars at our local store for 1 2liter. Please advise me as to where to go from here.

Every time I place an order for 4- 2 liters I always pay around 55 dollars. It doesn't seem fair to me.

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