Lubbock, Texas

The company of ScalpMed will sell you the product with a promotional price of 29.99 dollars then charge you $180 every 2 months, that is over $1000 per year but will never tell you that, it is too expensive and does not work at all, I do not recommend the product at all, it is simply minoxidil with another compound which you cN buy at Walmart for $3.99. I will never imagine that we, as Americans, can be easily deceived by such a commercial on TV, for a *** product and people who easily lie to you in regards to it at a time when they don't know that they don't know anything about it

Monetary Loss: $260.

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Houston, Texas, United States #848949

i simply use zx42 its about 25 per month and works well

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #836118

I guess the reason the government lets businesses do this to people is the same reason why the government taxes you to death

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