Monterey, California

This is not a review on the actual product sent, but a warning on the marketing scam used: Automatic Shipment. Since I already use a hair growth product (5% minoxidil foam) and the introductory price was comparable to the over the counter product I had used, I gave it a try. Several weeks later, I find another box of this product on my doorstep. I hadn't even used the original shipment yet.

I didn't order it, but when I called to inquire, a woman named "Anna" claimed that by ordering on-line, I agreed to automatic shipments every two months, to be billed in two "easy payments" of $99. Well, no, I didn't and had carefully avoided checking that box on the web page, but onto the scam warning.

Anna tried to tell me I needed to keep the second shipment because the hair on my scalp needed it another two months to see results, etc., but my objection was to the merchandising method used. What I got from Anna was a mantra, "You agreed to the terms and conditions when you ordered," repeated so much so that I had to tell her she needed to stop the robot mode and listen to what I was saying. This continued even after I told her she was being exceedingly difficult and rude.

End result, I returned the unopened package and with persistence, finally got assurance that I was removed from the customer list. Oh, I was still billed $11.79 for shipping and handling. My penalty for shopping with an infomercial. Again, this is not a commentary on the actual product, but on the shady merchandising and a rude customer service rep.

So, in closing, I offer this as a warning to avoid doing business with this company. Any company that can't be upfront with their merchandising, and who tries to squeeze a few dollars out of dissatisfied consumers can't be worth your time and money. Buyer Beware!

Monetary Loss: $12.

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I am currently having the same problem. Scalp Med is a joke, same product you get in the store at 8 times the price.


yep, the infomercials are deceiving-buyer beware?

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