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I scheduled an appointment online. I confirmed (1 p.m.) then called to be sure there were no glitches.

I received a random text which said can you come at 12:30?. I confirmed a second time then received ANOTHER confirmation the night before for 1. When I replied in confusion I was told to come a few minutes early which I did. William doesnt have signage inside the building and all you see are indications of a doctors perinatal practice.

He made me wait down the hall (he doesnt have a reception area) and said hed come down to get me. I was taking a business call when he opened the door to YELL for me. I began going up the stairs as hed mentioned coming down at which time he barked Other way! OTHER WAY.

I entered his dimly lit dingy office and he tried to rush me through reading the waiver. I actually had to tell him Im not done. His computer was tattered and he made me feel like I was interrupting his day. This experience was so ridiculous it was surreal!

Afterward he told me the amount, charged me and didnt give me a receipt. The amount charged was higher (which I assumed was tax) but when I contacted him to get a receipt there was further incompetence as the amount on the receipt was less than what I was charged. A woman called on Williams behalf to discuss the honest feedback I provided and her behavior was completely bizarre. She made repeated sounds during our conversation then giggled saying I keep flubbering my lips!

You should try it!

I want people to know this is NOT a proper business. I wish I had read a review like this before wasting my time and money.

User's recommendation: Avoid this sketchy place.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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